Spinergy ZX-9 SPINS and Wins BIG | Paddle Review

Spinergy ZX-9 Review - Aussie Pickleball Bros

Welcome to the Spinergy ZX-9 Paddle Review. The ZX-9 is the latest and greatest pickleball paddle from Pickleball Promotions. The ZX-9 is an Australian designed paddle, and it boasts the power of raw carbon and it provides absolute control for elite players. In this review, the Bros take the ZX-9 for a spin. Take a look at the overview or …

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Spinergy ZX-1 and ZX-3 | Paddle Review

spinergy zx-1 and zx-3 paddle review

Welcome to the Spinergy ZX-1 and ZX-3 Paddle Review. These Australian-made paddles are ready to take the Pickleball world by storm. And the Bros were lucky enough to test and review these two special paddles. Let’s take a look. Here is a quick overview, feel free to read through or jump ahead. Spinergy ZX-1 and ZX-3: The Verdict The Spinergy …

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