Weekly Pickleball News | Andre Agassi Pickleball Borderline Obsession

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Whassssup????  The Bros are back with a HUGE week of Pickleball News.  This week we take a look at the latest NPL Announcement to help make Pickleball a Mainstream sport in Australia. And we have Andre Agassi’s Pickleball “Borderline Obsession” , McEnroe’s Quiet Paddle Promotion and some news about the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy’s first pickleball court in Spain. It’s all …

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John McEnroe and this Crazy Pickleball Thing

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What happens when John McEnroe, a 7-time tennis Grand Slam winner decides to play in a pickleball tournament for $1 million dollars? Well, he gets to promote the world’s biggest game by telling you how much he doesn’t like it. In the world of pickleball, this makes perfect sense.