Top 3 Reasons Why Pickleball is Easier Than Tennis


Since man evolved from a monkey and picked up a pickleball paddle, he has asked the question…is Pickleball easier than tennis?  The answer is Yes.  Pickleball is a fun, social sport where any player of any skill set can play and enjoy the game.   if you are a beginner and think the game looks difficult, let me explain why pickleball is easier than tennis and why you should give it a try.

Read on to get the full story or feel free to jump ahead about why pickleball is easier than tennis. Pickle on!

Why Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis

Pickleball is easier than tennis for three main reasons:

  • The court is smaller and every ball is within reach
  • There is Less focus on power and more focus on ball placement
  • The game is cheap to play and accessible to all players.

Let’s get into the details.

The Court Is Smaller and Every Ball Is Within Reach

Playing tennis is tough when you are smashing the ball all over the court.  Running between shots and preparing for your next big hit can be difficult for most players.  If you want to play tennis without moving too much, you can just sit back at the baseline and try to outhit your opponent.  This can work but that court is still pretty big, and if your opponent hits a drop shot, you better start running.

The pickleball court is a third of the tennis court size, and you aren’t allowed to stand in the non-volley zone (The kitchen).  This makes the court even smaller and every ball is within reach without too much effort. 

Playing doubles in pickleball is more fun and the more popular way to play than singles.  This is the best option for beginners as a player can pick a side and stand there.  No movement is required.  This doesn’t detract from the fun of the game as the smaller court does make the game more fast-paced.  You don’t need to be a pickleball superstar to play.   You can contribute to every match and hit some great shots and the ball is only an arm’s length away. 

Less Focus on Power and More Focus on Ball Placement

The biggest and best players in tennis are power players.  The big serve tennis players have a distinct advantage as they belt balls past an opponent to score an “ace”.  Power players can destroy an opponent and build their game around their serving and smashing abilities. It takes a lot of training and practice to develop a great overhead serve. And delivering any shot with brute force is an advantage for any tennis player.

Meanwhile, pickleball serves are underarm.  The speed and power required of any player is reduced. This levels the playing field. Hitting the ball hard isn’t as important and ball placement is king. Building accuracy on your shots within that smaller court is more important and it’s something anyone can do.

An unsuspecting player can dominate by mixing up their shots with accurate ball placement. Biceps are not a prerequisite for winning anymore.  Put down those dumbbells, you dumbbell.  Any size or shape player can play an amazing game of pickleball.  All you need is paddle control and a great touch on the court.

The Game Is Cheap to Play and Accessible to All Players

Tennis is an enjoyable game but there is a high level of discipline and mastery required to play competitively.  Beginners can find the sport difficult to get into, as the level of skill required to serve and hit the ball is higher than in other racquet sports.  And let’s not forget the cost of playing tennis.  It all adds up.  Equipment to play, membership fees to a club, and generally, lessons are required to build those foundational tennis skills.  And unless you started playing from a young age, tennis is not a sport that is easy to pick up and play at any age.

The barrier of entry for pickleball is much lower.  The technique required to play a game is basic.  If you have held a racquet before, you should be ok.  Underarm serves and minimal movement reduces the physical stress on the body and usually no equipment is required to play at most clubs.  You can turn up, play for a couple of hours and use the equipment supplied and then go home.  It has a more casual feel and the lower skillset to get started is appreciated by newbies. 

Watching and playing a pickleball match at a local hall or community center is a thing of beauty.  Facing off against skilled players 20-30 years older is great fun.  Age is no barrier in this game. Any player at any skill level can play and enjoy the game on the cheap.  And most players can feel like they played really well, had some amazing rallies, and landed some hot shots they are proud of, all in that first game.  This makes pickleball super fun and addictive.

Is Pickleball Hard to Play

Pickleball is not hard to play because the court is smaller, the rules are simple and the game is easy to pick up and play. The game is accessible to all players of all ages and all skill levels. It’s a fantastic game for anyone who wants to pick up a new sport, become more active physically, or simply wants to meet new people and socialize. Pickleball is easy to play and your skill level and mastery will simply evolve as you continue to play. And most importantly, it’s a lot of fun to play.

If you want to learn the basic rules of pickleball – that can fit on a napkin, please go ahead and read this post.

Final Thoughts

There is no reason NOT to play pickleball or at least give it a try.  You don’t need to be athletic to pick up a paddle, and previous racquet sports skills are not necessary.  Pickleball is easier than tennis and it is so much fun to play.  Get involved, socialize, hit some amazing shots, and enjoy yourself playing this great game. 

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