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If you have wide feet and love pickleball, get ready! We have a comprehensive guide of the best pickleball shoes for wide feet. In this post we provide a detailed list of wide feet shoes and we help players understand wide feet, the health impacts and benefits of finding that perfectly fitted, fantastic pickleball shoe.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the best pickleball shoes for wide feet.

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Best Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet

Pickleball is an overnight sports sensation that is over 50 years old. This tennis, ping pong and badminton mash up just gets bigger and bigger. It is fun to play, it’s addictive and playing pickleball is like eating pringles – once your POP you can’t STOP.

But all joking aside, foot injuries can stop any player. It’s super important to have appropriate shoes for playing pickleball, especially for players with existing foot conditions or wide feet.

People with wide feet already know it can be difficult to find a shoe that isn’t too narrow. This is even more important when playing sports like pickleball. Incorrect shoes can can impact your game and damage your feet. With pickleball injuries on the rise, every player needs to play smarter. That means having the best footwear available for healthy feet to prevent injuries.

So let’s take a look at the best Pickleball shoes for wide feet players.


Skechers Viper Court Pro Wide Pickleball Shoe

Men’s Best Price from Pickleball Central


  • Extra width in midsole and toe box
  • Patented Arch-Fit insole
  • Great Design


  • N/A

The Sketchers Viper Court Pro Wide provides a truly comfortable wide shoe with extra width in the midsole and toe box. The wider design allows your toes to spread on the ultra flight foam insole, delivering the greatest comfort.

The Skechers shoes come with a patented Arch Fit insole that is podiatrist certified. And it provides a relaxed fit, lace-up shoe designed for pickleball with supreme comfort and stability. These shoes are big winners and they come at a great price.


  • Wide fitting version of popular shoe
  • Light, weightless feel
  • Fantastic Arch Support


  • Brand may be unfamiliar to some players

The K-Swiss Express light 2E Wide is a wide fitting version of the super popular K-Swiss Express Light Shoe. It’s a fantastic shoe for any wide-footed Pickleball player. It provides the most comfortable, lightweight shoe on the court.

The K-Swiss Express Light has next-level arch support. And the breathable and supportive design is perfect for any player with wide feet. It’s the perfect choice for any pickleball player with wide feet.


Wilson Rush Pro LITE
Pickleball Shoe

Men’s Best Price from Pickleball Central


  • Slightly wider toe box
  • Ortholite Insoles cushioning
  • Duralast Outsole


  • Wilson is more of a Tennis Brand

The Wilson Rush Pro Lite is designed with a slightly wide fit with a wider toe box to provide comfort and balance. The wider fit has an engineered mesh outer with lateral enforcement for fast movements on the court.

The heel to toe cushion supports every impact on your foot during a big game. The Ortholite insoles add extra support and cushioning. While the Duralast outsole provide enhanced court traction. Wide Footed Pickleballers cannot go wrong with these sleek shoes.


  • Wider toe box
  • High density Duralast outsole
  • Ortholite foam cushioning


  • Wilson is more of a Tennis Brand

The Wilson Rush Pro Ace Wide Shoe is closer to a standard fit shoe, designed for a slightly wider than average foot. They combine breathability and cushioning. Perfect for stability and dynamic pickleball action.

The Rush Pro Ace uses a high Density Duralast outsole to enhance court traction. And the Ortholite foam is used to cushion while boosting the shoes durability. These features come together to provide one sleek, comfortable shoe.


  • Slightly wider design
  • Comfortable bi-density insole
  • Enhanced traction


  • Not a recognized brand

The Babolat SFX 3 is the latest in wide footed pickleball shoes. They are super comfortable and ultra stable. The SFX 3 are slightly to moderately wide, and they have a breathable relaxed fit for wide footed players. The bi-density insole insulates your feet from impact and the outsole provides enhanced traction indoors and out.

The Babolat SFX 3 are a fantastic choice. With all the latest in pickleball shoe tech, the Babolat SFX 3 are sure to be a big winner for pickleball players with wide feet.


  • Wide foot design
  • Phylon Midsole for comfort
  • Pickleball specific brand


  • Brand may be unfamiliar to some players

The Tyrol Velocity V Pickleball shoe comes with a wide toe box, perfect for players with wide feet. It has a secure fit and comfortable, breathable mesh to ensure premium pickleballing.

The Tyrol Velocity V has a Vibram outsole and a Phylon midsole that provides the ultimate in cushion, response and stability. These shoes have great traction and can help every wide footed pickleball player be their best on court.


  • Perfect for wider than average foot
  • Designed for pickleball
  • Comfortable Ortholite foam midsole


  • N/A

The Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickler provides a roominess and comfort for players with a wider than average foot. They are Designed with a 4D support Chassis to prevent injury during on court twists and turns. These shoes are comfortable and breathable.

The Pro Ace Pickler uses a high Density Duralast outsole that enhances traction and durability on all surfaces. And the Ortholite foam boosts comfort and support. The Pro Ace Pickler will ensure wide footed players have everything they need on all surfaces, all the time.

Best Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet – Wrap Up

As you can see, there are plenty of choices for wide feet pickleball players. The best brands and the latest in tech are available to all players. Hopefully the selected options have helped create a shortlist of shoes for all wide feet players. But if you want to go extra deep and understand wide feet, how to identify and measure wide feet and considerations when buying pickleball shoes, please keep reading.

The Bros want to make sure your shoe selection is informed using our in-depth research and analysis.

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Understanding Wide Feet and Their Needs

There are two main causes for wide feet, either you were simply born with wide feet or your feet have broadened with age. But wide feet are more common than you think. Various studies reported that 63 and 72% of people don’t wear shoes that fit the length or width of their feet.

The study also found that footwear width was of particular concern for older people in the 69-80 age group. It was found that 78% of older people with an average age of 80, all wore outdoor shoes narrower than their feet.

This data shows that as we get older, our feet can change but our shoes may not. It’s important to get a shoe that does fit correctly. Incorrect footwear is associated with foot pain and foot disorders. These issues can be serious and include toe deformity, corns and calluses. And these conditions can only get worse if playing sports like pickleball with shoes that do not fit correctly.

Wide feet are not unique, but it is something that can be managed. Even if you believe your feet are not particularly wide, it’s worth taking care with your shoe selection. It’s not worth damaging your feet because you aren’t aware of the width of your foot. That is why every player needs a shoe that is fitted correctly, or at least measured to ensure the correct fit.

Let’ take a look at how to measure your feet.

How to Measure and Identify Wide Feet

The first thing any pickleball player should do is to identify if they have wide feet. Our feet do change and get wider with age, and we may not realise that our feet are considered wide. We just notice that some shoes fit better than others, and we leave it there.

It’s a good idea to measure the width of your feet, or get a shoe specialist to measure it for you. Then you can ensure that any shoe you buy online or in person will accommodate the width of your foot.


If you want to measure your feet yourself, simply measure from the two most furthest points of your foot. As you can see in the diagram below, it isn’t difficult to calculate your foot width. If you are after a more accurate measurement, there are apps that will measure your foot for you. These apps will provide a more accurate measurement of both of your feet.

How To Find the Perfect Pickleball Shoe for Wide Feet

With that measurement in hand, you can look at the Shoe Width Chart over at Fit my Foot and identify if you are considered as having wide feet. This is a great information to have when when buying shoes online.

If you buy shoes online, you will need to check the shoe specifications and ensure the shoe width is wider than your foot. Not all online stores will tell you the width of the shoe, which can make things tricky. Or there are “wide” versions of some popular shoes, which are slightly wider than average. These are also great if you need just a little more room in the toe box.

If you are unsure, it’s always best to go into a store and try the shoes on. This is the best way to ensure that if you have wide feet, your pickleball shoes will fit perfectly. Make sure you wear your sports socks, or whatever you usually wear when playing pickleball. And that will help with getting the right fit.

Pickleball players with a foot condition should avoid buying shoes online without Professional advice. Seeking advice from a Podiatrist or foot expert is recommended to prevent further injury to an existing condition. So please seek professional help if needed.

What to Consider when Buying Pickleball Shoes for Wide Feet

The main consideration for Pickleball players with wide feet is that the shoe must be wide enough to be comfortable. The shoe cannot be too narrow and the toes must have room to breathe and feel free. While there are less options for players with wide feet, most brands have specialized “wide feet” styles. Which makes life easier to select the perfect pair of shoes.

These are the top six considerations when buying a new pickleball shoe for wide feet.

1. Wide Toe Box

The most important factor is your toes need room to move. A wide toe box will reduce any pain and discomfort from existing conditions like bunions and calluses. And it can help prevent foot deformities and discomfort. Your toes should feel free and not cramped in any way.

2. Arch Support and Cushioning

Wide feet need supportive shoes with good arch support and cushioning. Particularly for older players, where the arch of the foot becomes weaker over time. Any pickleball shoe needs plenty of cushioning for running and jumping on hard surfaces.

3. Stability and Motion Control

Wide Pickleball shoes should be supportive and stable. Flat shoes with no arch support can aggravate any existing condition. Ankle stability and heel support will help motion control and improve any foot condition.

4. Breathability and Comfort

Breathability and comfort is really important for foot health. Pickleball shoes that are well ventilated are highly recommended. Your feet need to breathe, especially when playing in warmer climates. And this all helps with overall foot comfort while playing.

5. Traction and Durability

Pickleball shoes with great traction will help support the foot and provide enhanced stability. Shoes that slip can cause injury or agitate an existing foot injury. The latest pickleball shoes are designed to grip and they are made to last. They are built with durable materials and will provide long lasting support.

6. Wide Options that Look Cool

In the old days, wide or podiatrist recommended shoes have never looked great. They are usually boxy, and not as cool as other sports shoes. Luckily, this has changed. There are many brands available with amazing shoes with fantastic colours and designs.

You want to make sure your wide feet are supported and snug, but you also want to have a slick pair of sneakers. They HAVE to look cool.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right shoe for wide feet players is really important for pickleball players. The Bros know from personal experience, the pain of having a recent foot injury. And the inconvenience of having wide feet, always searching for a pair of shoes that fit well.

The Bros are at that point in our lives where foot health is taken more seriously. Foot injuries can wipe out your game and prevent you from playing pickleball. And they can prevent you from being able to live your life. Foot injuries are the worst and can be prevented with the right shoes.

Luckily, there are so many fantastic pickleball brands and shoes available. All with the latest in pickleball shoe technology. They focus on comfort, stability and breathability. There are so many options available for wide feet players. And the Bros sincerely hope their recommendations have helped you find something special.

Let us know if we missed anything or if you have any pickleball shoes that are the GREATEST THING EVER.

Pickle On!

The Aussie Pickleball Bros.


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