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Pickleball enthusiasts unite! If you are always looking for where to buy pickleball paddles to level up your game, we have you covered. This post will guide every pickleball player on where to buy pickleball paddles online and in person. Complete with details and handy links to go straight to the source. Scratch that pickleball paddle-shopping itch and get started.

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Where to Buy Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball is taking the world by storm, and so it should. Fellow pickleball lovers understand the fun and addictiveness of playing pickleball. They also understand that at some point, their current paddle could be holding them back. And maybe a new paddle could help them level up their game. And that is when knowing where to buy pickleball paddles becomes important.

There are various types of retailers, with different ranges and prices. Let’s take a look at who they are and what they offer. Let’s jump into it.

Please Note: Although we cover many retailers in this post, we do go into more detail for the newer, online pickleball retailers. We hope our research into these stores opens up some new options for pickleball players.

1. Online Retailers (Major E-commerce)

Major Online retailers are super convenient and have everything you need. 76% of US Adults shop online and why wouldn’t they? You can browse, research and buy pickleball paddles on your phone and the prices are competitive.

Online retailers have an extensive selection of pickleball paddles to choose from. It is simple to check prices between various online retailers. Along with fast and sometimes free shipping, it makes buying paddles very easy.

Another great benefit is customer reviews. They can be helpful when buying something you can’t physically see or touch. Overall, Online retailers are a great option when shopping for your next pickleball paddle.

Where to Buy Pickleball Paddles from Online Retailers;


Amazon is usually the first online store that comes to mind for most people. It has an extensive product range and competitive prices. With 1000+ pickleball paddles available from different brands, it is usually the first place to browse for any shopper.

Prime members can get free shipping, and Amazon has a great returns policy.

Go straight to the Amazon Pickleball Paddles page here.


EBay is a great option for online shopping. Where individuals and retailers can sell new and used pickleball paddles. It provides a huge paddle selection, including old and discontinued models. EBay is great if you are looking for a bargain or pre-loved paddle.

Go directly to the eBay Pickleball Paddles page here:

2. Specialized Sports Retailers

Specialty Sports Retailers are a fantastic option when shopping for pickleball paddles. They are still popular as they have an extensive product range and product expertise.

Visiting a sports retailer has a few advantages when selecting a new paddle. It gives you the opportunity to try the paddle, feel the grip and weight, and even have a few practice swings. Instore shopping is a great way to ensure you buy the perfect paddle.

And these specialized sporting stores also have online stores. Expert advice is still available through the website. And it is a great way to browse to see what is available before you go into the store to try and buy.

Let’s take a look at where to Buy pickleball Paddles from Specialised Sports Retailers.

Dicks Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods is the largest sporting retailer in the US with over 850 physical stores and a fantastic online store. It offers over 300 pickleball paddles with some paddles being “exclusive at Dick’s”.

Dicks also has a loyalty rewards program called the “Score Card”. Frequent buyers can earn points for every $1 spent which can go towards future purchases. And free shipping is available within the US for items over $45 or $65+ (conditions do apply).

Take a look at DIcks Sporting Goods Pickleball Paddles here

Academy Sports + Outdoors

Academy Sports + Outdoors is a well-known sports retailer with over 270 stores in the US. It also has a great online store for your pickleball needs. It offers almost 100 pickleball paddles, with some great deals and some big sales.

Sign up for the Academy Sports mailing list to save on your next purchase. And free shipping is available for all orders $35+.

Go to the Academy Sports + Outdoors Pickleball page here

3. Large Chain Stores

When shopping for non-specific pickleball paddles, large chain stores are a good option. These large stores won’t have a selection like a specialty store, but the reduced range comes at a reduced price.

Large Chain stores are perfect for a beginner or family who wants to get started in pickleball. They just want to pick up a generic pickleball paddle or set and the brand isn’t important. But a fantastic bargain is!

Large chain stores are usually very convenient. And you may be surprised at the range of unique paddles they have at great prices.

Let’s take a look at where to Buy pickleball Paddles from Large Chain Stores


Walmart is the world’s leading retailer with over 4630 “supercenters” in the United States. It also has an online presence that boasts 1000+ pickleball paddles. Many are deeply discounted and the range is deep and Wallmart+ members get free shipping.

Visit the Walmart Pickleball Paddle page here.


Target is the seventh largest retailer in the United States with over 1900 stores and a great online store. It offers a great selection of over 80 pickleball paddles at competitive prices. Target offers same-day delivery and cheaper, online-only prices for some products.

Visit the Target Pickleball Paddle page here.

4. Specialty Pickleball Shops Online

Dedicated Online Pickleball Stores are becoming a thing. And they are fantastic when buying a pickleball paddle online. These stores specialize in pickleball and are run by pickleball enthusiasts. They have a wide range of pickleball paddles amongst a vast array of shoes, balls, and everything else you need.

Specialty Pickleball Stores also offer exclusive paddle models you can’t buy anywhere else. It is nice to feel special sometimes with a limited-edition paddle. They also offer expert advice on the latest paddles available now and new models coming soon.

Specialty stores also have better websites for pickleball players. They provide guides on playing pickleball for newbies. But they also have more details, reviews, and expert insights on pickleball paddles. This information is valuable and can help guide your next paddle purchase.

Let’s take a look at where to Buy pickleball Paddles from Specialty Pickleball Shops Online.

Pickleball Central

PickleballCentral is the largest online pickleball specialty store. It was founded in 2006 with an average of 240k total visits per month.

  • Range: With over 300+ paddles in stock, it has all the major brands, at a competitive price with a price match guarantee.
  • Shipping: Free Shipping is provided for all US orders over $69. And international shipping is also available. Onsite promo codes can also appear on the page for discounts on your paddles.
  • Website: The website is easy to use for searching, browsing, and buying. It has in-depth paddle details, expert test reviews, and customer reviews. This is all very helpful for any pickleball player.
  • Overall: Pickleball Central has a fantastic paddle range. It has everything else you need for your pickleball needs.
  • Link: Visit the Pickleball Central Pickleball Paddles page here.

Total Pickleball

Total Pickleball is the second largest online pickleball specialty store, with an average of 116k total visits per month.

  • Range: Total Pickleball has over 160+ paddles to choose from, it also offers a Lowest Price Guarantee with a 30 Day no questions asked return policy.
  • Shipping: Orders over $50 are free in the US and Total Pickleball offers clearance items for bargain hunters. A great way to pick up an inexpensive paddle.
  • Website: Total Pickleball has a great website, with in-depth paddle details, expert video reviews, and customer reviews. Perfect for the customer that needs a little guidance. And the site offers tennis brands that can be used for pickleball. For example, Nike Air Shoes.
  • Overall: Total Pickleball is a great site, with plenty of helpful information to ensure a great customer experience.
  • Link: View the Total Pickleball Paddles page here.

Just Paddles

And if you want pickleball paddles, you can visit… Just paddles. With an average of 68k total visits a month. The third largest online Pickleball specialty store.

  • Range: Just Paddles has over 250+ paddles for sale. As the name implies, they focus on paddles and paddle accessories such as balls, bags, and grips.
  • Shipping: All orders have 100% free shipping for all purchases and a price match guarantee. They also have a “Paddle Assurance Program”. It’s a new way to ensure customers are satisfied with their online purchases. This is great for players that may not be familiar with or confident in buying a pickleball paddle online.
  • Website: The Just Paddles website site has some great resource guides for choosing the perfect paddle. Specifically, the “Paddle Coach” provides a few questions to ultimately, recommend a paddle for you. This is a fantastic feature. It’s perfect for new players that would like some “hand-picked” recommendations.
  • The website also has a lot of information on every paddle. This includes “paddle benefits”, warranty information and paddle reviews by players. The reviews are also categorized by the “experience level” of the reviewer. This adds another layer of detail to the review, and it adds authority to the opinion you are reading. This is another fantastic feature of the site.
  • Overall: Just Paddles is a fantastic pickleball paddle site. The information on every paddle is perfect and recommended for any new player.
  • Link: The first thing you need to do is visit the Just Paddles Paddle Coach, then take a look at the Pickleball Paddles at Just Paddles right here.

5. Local Pickleball Stores

If you are lucky enough to have a local pickleball store, it is worth supporting it with your pickleball dollars. These stores cater specifically to local pickleball players. And they provide personalized assistance and product knowledge.

Local stores are also part of the pickleball community. It’s great to support local stores as they promote pickleball as a game and a lifestyle. Building that community is important and local stores are a big part of that.

Local stores also provide a place to gather and talk shop. They also promote local pickleball clubs and tournaments nearby. And it’s always nice to meet like-minded pickleball players in the store.

Pickleball is still considered a new sport. Local specialty pickleball stores are a fantastic way to get people into pickleball. And build a sense of community around a sport we all love.

It’s worth your time to find your local pickleball store and pay it a visit. Tell them the Aussie Pickleball Bros. sent you!

6. Second-Hand Markets

It’s not unusual for a pickleball player to buy a paddle and decide it isn’t for them. Maybe the paddle is too big, or too heavy and just doesn’t feel right.

Secondhand markets are a great way to pick up a bargain. A relatively new pickleball paddle can be purchased at a fraction of the retail price. As long as the paddle looks near new and hasn’t been thrashed over a thousand pickleball games. It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled on this usual list of secondhand sites:

Now you know where to buy pickleball paddles, you can always go back and read this post on How to choose a Pickleball Paddle for beginners. It goes through everything you need to know about selecting your new paddle.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for where to buy pickleball paddles, there are so many options. From large online stores where you pick, click, and buy a pickleball paddle. To a local store where the instore experience and expertise can help you select that perfect paddle.

The Aussie Pickleball Bros. hope you found this guide useful. It was written for beginners looking to start playing pickleball. And for existing players looking to level up their game with a new paddle.

If I missed any, or want to give any store a shout-out, leave a comment below.

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