Top 3 Beginners Pickleball Paddles to Buy: The Quick Start Guide

Looking for the best beginners pickleball paddles?  Do you want to start with something that is good and cheap, without needing to read hundreds of reviews?  The Aussie Pickleball Bros has the Top 3 beginners paddles to start you on your pickleball journey.

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How to Start Playing Pickleball on the Cheap

There are so many Pickelball paddles on the market.  All with different considerations and micro-details on materials, weight, size and type of paddle.  For a newbie, it’s too much.  Sometimes it’s nice to be given three simple options that will be great for all beginners. 

If you are the ultimate beginner looking to buy a new paddle, we have you covered. If you are looking for a pickleball paddle set to play with the family, we have that too. And if you played tennis in a previous life and you are looking for a cross-over paddle to get started, we got you too.

The Criteria for the Best Beginners Pickleball Paddles

The key criteria used to select the best pickleball paddle for beginners is:

  • Easy to use/ Can any beginner use the paddle (feel)
  • Availability to buy the paddle
  • Is it cheap
  • How does it look?

Otherwise, continue reading for a simplified view on pickleball paddles that will help you get started in the sport at a low cost.

Best Beginners Pickleball Paddles

With so many choices, the three following choices are great beginners pickleball paddles for beginners on a budget. Continue reading for an in-depth review. Or click through to purchase them online.

1. Best for Beginners: Niupipo Pickle Paddle

beginners pickleball paddles - Niupipo Paddle

Niupipo is a relatively new brand that started in 2012.  The weird name of the brand means “Nothing Is Unreachable, Pickleball People”.  This is really cool as they started the brand specifically for Pickleball and has since become the number one brand on Amazon for Pickleball.

The Pro Graphite Pickleball Paddle set is perfect for beginners.  It is lightweight, easy to hold and handle while playing, with a good grip.  And the graphite paddle face and honeycomb polymer core give the ball a nice bounce, it absorbs the impact and provides a nice ball deflection with amazing control and power.  And the price is fantastic for anyone wanting to dip their toe into playing Pickleball. Niupipo paddles look very modern with striking (pun intended) designs that burst from the paddle. 

Pickleball is always best with a friend.  You can get them started too by buying the 2 paddles, 4 balls, and 1 bag combo.  Or go all in and get 4 paddles, 4 balls and 1 bag.  Either of these packs is a great way to start and is highly recommended.

2. Best Family Wooden Paddle Set

beginners pickleball paddles - Amazin aces doubles set

Wooden paddles were first used when Pickleball was invented back in 1965.  They stand the test of time as they are still easy to use, very durable and provide power when striking.  When compared to today’s modern paddles, they can be a little heavier but they are still relatively lightweight. 

The Amazin’ Aces wooden sets are still designed really well, with a cushioned grip and wrist strap to reduce the chance of flying paddles in the middle of a game.  The wood on the paddle is 7 ply (similar to a skateboard) which makes it super durable and less likely to break.  And the paddle is encased in a slick design with an overlapping edge guard to protect the paddles from chipping or cracking.   

Pickleball is a great way to spend time with family and friends.  The Amazin’ Aces wooden set is perfect for introducing Pickleball to your children, partner and even grandparents.  These durable and usable paddles are a great way to start playing.  The pack also comes with a bag and balls, which is great value and it would also be great for a present. 

3. Best for Ex-Tennis Players: Wilson Pickleball Paddle

beginners pickleball paddles - wilson paddle

Wilson is one of the most prominent companies in tennis and has been making professional racquets since 1914.  Wilson’s racquets are used worldwide by tennis legends such as Roger Federer.  It’s not surprising that Wilson has stepped up to provide some really nice pickleball paddles aimed at Tennis players that know and trust the brand.

The Wilson Echo Team is a great paddle for any ex-tennis players that are now playing pickleball.  The paddle has a longer handle to comfortably accommodate two-handed backhands and it is the perfect paddle for an all-round player looking for power and control.  The paddle has a nice feel with a polypropylene honeycomb core which softens the impact when hitting the ball.  It also gives a lot of flexibility when playing.

The Wilson Echo Paddle has a vibrant design, which looks as good as it feels when playing.  This paddle is perfect if you already love the Wilson brand, or you are after a higher-level alternative that is still relatively cheap before getting more serious and looking at pricier models.  This is definitely worth considering when you are looking to buy your first pickleball paddle.     

Hello! If you want to get a paddle for yourself and a friend, maybe consider these Pickleball Paddle Set of 2 for Beginners. Perfect for getting your friend or partner hooked on Pickleball.

Final Thoughts

These three paddles are aimed at all levels of Pickleball beginners.  You cannot go wrong with any of these paddles when the time is right, and you want to own your paddle and improve. And the bulk sets with 2 or more paddles are fantastic value and ensure you are covered if friends want to learn how to play pickleball.

Pickle On!

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