The Best Pickleball Paddle Set of 4 for Beginners

A pickleball paddle set of 4 is ideal for family play. Or for a group of friends that want to get into Pickleball. There are some amazing options available. This list will feature the best inexpensive pickleball paddle sets for beginners.

Pickleball is so much fun to play. But it’s even better with your family and friends. That’s when you need a set of 4 paddles to get everyone involved. No more waiting on the sidelines with two paddles to share. Go big with four paddles and get the ultimate pickleball experience. The Pickleball bros have rounded up some great bargains for any player looking for a paddle set of 4. All in a great price range too, let’s get started.

Take a look and see if these pickleball paddle sets are right for you.

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Criteria for the Best Pickleball set of 4

The key criteria used to select the best pickleball paddle for 4 are:

  • The set must have 4 paddles, some balls and a bag would be ideal
  • The set must be relatively inexpensive for a beginner.

For a deeper look into pickleball paddles, materials, grips, and sizes, please read the following guide. “How to choose the best pickleball paddle for beginners“. If you are already up to speed, please continue reading for the best pickleball paddle sets of 4.

West Coast Sports – Wooden Paddles to Go!

pickleball paddle set of 4 - West Coast Sports Wooden paddle set

If you are a pickleball beginner and need 4 paddles, these West Coast Sports wooden paddles are a fantastic option. They are really cheap and perfect for beginners or even kids.

Wooden paddles are great for playing with family and friends. Or also ideal for schools, community centers, and other sporting clubs. These paddles are durable, high-performance, and extremely lightweight.

These classic paddles are family-friendly, with sweat-absorbent grips that don’t slip. Along with an adjustable strap that goes around the wrist when playing. This can help reduce the risk of paddles being dropped and damaged. And let’s not forget, the straps will reduce the likelihood of “flying paddles” from inexperienced players. Especially little ones that may get too excited while playing a big match.

For an extremely low price, you get 4 wooden pickleball paddles, 4 pickleball balls, and a storage bag. Everything you need for a game with friends and family. It’s a fantastic set that also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Padensptso – Purple Paddle Heat

pickleball paddle set of 4 - Padensptso graphite paddle set

These High-quality Padenspto paddle sets are perfect for any pickleball player. All players at all skill levels can appreciate this set great set. It has everything you need to get started playing pickleball.

These paddles are high-performance and designed for any player. Featuring graphite technology, constructed with a polymer honeycomb. These paddles provide amazing flexibility, precise ball control, and excellent strength. Everything you need to deliver those big shots.

The soft, non-slip handle is sweat absorbent, comfortable, and designed for maneuverability. While the paddle is anti-shock, anti-drop, and anti-scratch. It’s protected from any potential accidents with an edge guard around the paddle. And graphite fiber on the surface to protect from wear and tear.

With Four paddles, indoor and outdoor balls, and a bag. This set is fantastic value for any aspiring pickleball-loving family.

AOZINTL – Green and Blue Perfection

pickleball paddle set of 4 - AOZINTL graphite paddle set

The AOZINTL paddle set is exactly what you need to start your pickleball journey. A great choice for anyone starting out that wants to play indoors and outdoors.

These USAPA-approved premium paddles are high quality. The interior graphite honeycomb structure gives these paddles control and balance. And the lightweight graphite paddle has more power with less noise. Perfect for those epic ground strokes, classified as “almost silent – but deadly”.

The handle is cushioned and designed for sweat absorption. The comfortable ergonomic grip gives you maximum comfort when playing those long rallies. And the paddle designs are vibrant and look great when playing on the street or on a pickleball court.

The AOZINTL paddle set is a great gift for a family or aspiring pickleball players. This paddle set is a great buy for all ages and skill levels.

Beives – Paddle Quality Hard to Believe

pickleball paddle set of 4 - Beives fiberglass paddle set

Get the family involved with the Beives lightweight fiberglass paddle set. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play. This set has everything you need to play and get competitive playing pickleball.

This paddle set has a honeycomb structure with a premium fiberglass face. With excellent strength, stiffness and design, these paddles provide great power and control. They feel great and look amazing when playing on the court. And the lightweight design will reduce paddle fatigue while playing extended rallies.

The paddles come with an ergonomic perforated cushioned grip. Your hands will thank you after those long epic matches, with anti-slip and sweat-wicking handles. The grip also provides precise maneuverability. This gives you ultimate control of the paddle, your shots, and the game. And the overlapping edge guard will protect your paddles from any damage while playing.

The Beives paddles set is a complete premium set, with 4 paddles, 2 indoor balls, 2 outdoor balls, and a carry bag. If you are looking for a set to get into playing pickleball, this is a highly recommended set.

Helium Atmos – Premium Paddles to Climb the Ranks

pickleball paddle set of 4 - Helium Atmos Carbon Fiber paddle set

The Helium Atmos paddle set is the best option for any beginner that wants to spend a little more on a USAPA-certified paddle set. These pro carbon fiber paddles are perfect for any player that has outgrown an old set. Or they want to get more serious about playing pickleball.

Play like a pro with these premium carbon fiber paddles. These lightweight paddles are designed to maximize your performance with a polypropylene honeycomb core. And the textured carbon surface grips the balls and allows for a greater spin. Providing a competitive edge against your opponents.

The longer-lasting grip gives every player a soft, durable handle that fits perfectly in every player’s hand. Designed for extended play with maximum comfort, these paddles are fantastic to hold and behold. The paddle face design looks modern and it visually pops while playing on the court.

With the Helium Atmos paddle set, you’ll have a lightweight, well-designed, premium paddle set. The paddles are certified for USAPA tournament use. And this set comes with everything you need to elevate your game while getting your family and friends involved. An amazing set for any player looking to climb the pickleball ranks. Recommended.

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Final Thoughts

The pickleball paddle set of 4 options in this list are perfect for beginners at all levels. The wooden sets are great for new players who may have never played pickleball before. They are inexpensive and ideal to get started. While the more premium paddle and ball sets in this list are perfect for the player that wants to spend a little more. Knowing that the extra cost will give them better paddles and might even enhance their game.

All the recommended options are fantastic for family play and perfect for weekend games. They are all amazing value. Get a paddle set of 4 and start your pickleball journey, get fit, and have a lot of fun.

Pickle On!

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