The Best Pickleball Paddle Set of 2 for Beginners

If you are after a pickleball paddle set of 2, there are some great options available. This list will feature the best inexpensive pickleball paddle sets for beginners.

Pickleball is a great sport to play. But not everyone wants to drop big bucks on a pickle paddle. Let alone two pickleball paddles so you can play with a friend. But fear not, the Pickleball bros are always looking for a bargain. We have found some great sets for all budgets, from super cheap to pretty cheap – to get you started in pickleball.

Take a look and see if these pickleball paddle sets are right for you.

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Criteria for the Best Pickleball set of 2

The key criteria used to select the best pickleball paddle for 2 are:

  • The set must have 2 paddles, some balls, and a bag would be nice.
  • The set must be cheap

For an in-depth view of pickleball paddles and the materials, grips, and sizes, please read this guide on “How to choose the best pickleball paddle for beginners“. If you already know those details, please continue reading for the best pickleball paddle sets of 2.

Staright Paddle Sets are Outtasite.

pickleball paddle sets of 2 - Staright paddle set

If you are starting out playing pickleball, these Staright wooden paddles are a great option. They are really cheap and perfect for beginners or even kids.

The carbon fiber surface will give you an accurate shot. While the low-profile edge guard on the paddles are highly durable when playing. These paddles are great for all players and all occasions, including street pickleball.

For a super low price, you get 2 pickleball paddles, 4 pickleball balls, and a storage bag. Everything an aspiring pickleball pro needs.

You cannot go wrong with these fluorescent paddles. They look super cool too. Get this fantastic set by Staright.

LuDa Paddle Sets – Get Ready to Pickle

pickleball paddle sets of 2 - Ludas paddle set

Perfect for all players, this affordable LuDa pickleball set, comes with two paddles, 4 balls, and a bag. It’s a great choice for any budget-conscious beginners.

The LuDa set has a honeycomb polymer core that provides extra strength when playing. The paddle won’t feel flimsy in your hands when playing your new favorite sport. The carbon fiber face also allows for high-impact, controlled shots.

The paddles are highly durable. With edge guards that protect against accidental slips or mishits. And the paddles look and feel great.

Another great, cheap set for kids or beginners looking to start in the sport. But also a great purchase for intermediate players, the LuDa Paddle Sets are a great buy.

Bang Sports Paddles – Moving on Up

pickleball paddle sets of 2 - Bang Sports paddle set

Moving up into more premium paddle sets of 2, this Bang Sports paddle set is perfect for beginners or more advanced players.

These USAPA-approved paddles are high-performance. They use a graphite face and an advanced honeycomb polymer core to feel lightweight. Providing increased movement and agility. These paddles are perfect for landing your favorite shots on the court.

The non-slip grips help ensure your shots will land, without losing a paddle. And the paddles provide striking power with a natural feel. These are important for street pickleball or high-pressure tournament play.

This complete pickleball starter set comes with 2 great-looking pickleball paddles. Along with 2 balls, paddle covers, 2 adjustable grips, and a storage bag. Everything that you need to start your pickleball empire.

Panel Sound – Swirly Thing Alert

pickleball paddle sets of 2 - Panel Sound paddle set

If you are looking for a USAPA-approved paddle set with an amazing design, guaranteed to mesmerize your opponents, this Panel Sound paddle set is for you.

This premium paddle set is lightweight with a strong fiberglass face. The polypropylene honeycomb core provides greater control and power than the cheaper sets on this list. This makes the paddle durable to withstand any level of high-velocity shots.

The ergonomic handle grip is 4.9 inches, non-slip, and absorbs sweat. It’s the perfect length for comfortable pickleball play. The handle is designed to feel good in your hand while playing with friends.

The set comes complete with 2 lightweight paddles, 4 pickleball balls, 1 carrying case, and 2 cooling towels. This Panel Sound set is a great buy for all ages and skill levels.

Ticci – Designer Feel at a Great Price

pickleball paddle sets of 2 - Ticci paddle set

Looking for a paddle with a designer feel and design? This impressive Ticci paddle set is USAPA approved and a fantastic choice at a great price.

This premium paddle set of 2 uses the latest technology and high-grade materials that are perfect for home or tournament play.

The fiberglass face is lightweight but durable. It offers enhanced flexibility and power while playing. Perfect for peeling off big serves and spin hits from all corners of the court.

The polymer honeycomb core provides a balanced feel. Great for power shots or adding some spin on the ball for the ultimate drop shot. And the ergonomic grip is sweat-absorbent and won’t slip during those big game moments.

This paddle set gives a premium look and feel, at an unbeatable price. The Ticci paddle set is a fantastic set designed to win any challenges on the court.

XSPAK – the Next Level for a Little More

pickleball paddle sets of 2 - XS XSPAK paddle set

The XS XSPAK paddle set is the best option for beginners that want to spend a little more for USAPA-approved paddles.

The premium graphite face offers precise ball control for greater feel and accuracy. While the Polymer honeycomb core delivers strength and power. Which you will need when making those epic ground strokes.

The low-profile edge guard is highly durable. It’s safe from splintering if the paddle hits the court surface. And the paddle is slim enough to reduce mishits, with its advanced feel and anti-slip grip. It’s designed for maximum comfort during play.

With the XS XSPAK paddle set, you’ll have a well-designed, high-end paddle set. Along with a fantastic sling bag to carry your paddle and balls. An amazing set for any player looking to climb the pickleball ranks. Recommended.

If a pickleball paddle set of 2 isn’t enough maybe consider these Pickleball Paddle Sets of 4 for Beginners. Go big and get the entire family involved.

Final Thoughts

The pickleball paddle set of 2 options in this list are perfect for beginners of all types. The wooden sets are the ultimate beginner sets. They are super cheap and great to get started. While the more premium paddle and ball sets in this list are ideal if you want to spend a little more and get a better feel while playing.

All the recommended options are a fantastic buy and amazing value. Get a paddle set of 2, get your friends involved and have fun.

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