7 Super Cheap Pickleball Sets in Australia Under $50

Super Cheap and Super Sweet! We have compiled an Australian list of 7 Pickleball Sets in Australia for Under $50. These entry level paddle sets which are perfect for a family or kids eager to get started playing pickleball.  Join the growing ranks of pickleballers… on the cheap. Let’s take a look.    

Cheap Pickleball Sets in Australia

Pickleball is gaining popularity in Australia at a rapid rate. Australian players are picking up a paddle for the first time, eager to try out the “new” sport that is over 50 years old. Pickleball has become a global phenomenon and Australia is in the thick of it. With increased TV coverage and word of mouth, the sport is catching on.  

And how do we get more people playing?  We lower the barrier to entry with super cheap sets available from various low-cost retailers.  These sets are great and will give any new player a taste of what playing pickleball is like.  Hopefully, these sets will introduce more players to the world of pickleball and raise the profile of the sport.  

How We Rate the Super Cheap Pickleball Set in Australia

The Aussie Pickleball Bros have three criteria to rate these super cheap pickleball paddle sets.  They need to be below $50.  They need some balls and more than one paddle, and they need to be available via pickup or cheap shipping in Australia. The paddles are not professional sets and are made for kids or entry-level players who just want to try the sport. 

When we first reported on the Pickleball Kmart sets back in August, The Bros had a dream. That Totem Tennis would be taken off the shelves of Kmart, and replaced with Pickleball Sets. And come Christmas time, every man and child will have a pickleball set under the tree. And Street pickleball will be played by Australian families on Christmas Day…. So Beautiful….

Well, the dream starts here. Ranked from “Super Cheap” to “Pretty Cheap”. These sets are all under $50. So let’s take a look at the Super Cheap Pickleball Paddle Sets Under $50.

1. Big W Pickleball Set


Big W Pickleball Set ($15)

Big W was established in 1964 and they have over 160 stores across Australia.  The store is always great for a bargain, and their pickleball paddles are just that.  At $15, you can get 2 wooden paddles, 4 balls, and a bag.  An entry-level set at $15 is fantastic. 

Big W provides delivery from $9 and the website has a handy local store checker for pick-up options.  It’s a great way to get a family started in pickleball. Guaranteed!

$15 Via Big W

2. Target ‘Bondi’ Pickleball Set


Target Pickleball Set ($19)

Target was established in 1926 and it has 124 department stores across Australia.  They provide great value products for Australian families, and they have a pretty cool pickleball set. 

The Bondi pickleball set comes with 2 wooden paddles, 4 balls, and a bag.  The colors look great and have a nice summer feel to them.  Standard delivery is $9 and pick-up options are available via the store checker online. 

The Bondi pickleball set is amazing value and they look really fun.  They are sure to be loved and cherished by any aspiring pickleball player.

$19 Via Target

3. Kmart Pickleball Set


Kmart Pickleball Set ($25)

Kmart is an iconic store that was established in 1969 and now has over 300 stores across Australia and New Zealand.  They provide low prices on most items and that includes pickleball paddles.

The Pickleball Kmart set comes with 2 wooden paddles, 2 balls, and a net.  Delivery is available from $10 metro to $16 remote.  Express delivery is also available.  The Kmart website also has a store checker to find local stores with stock.  For $25 the Kmart Pickleball set is an absolute bargain because it comes with a net. Well worth a look.

$25 Via Kmart

4. Buffalo Sports Nitro Pickleball Set


Buffalo Sports Nitro Pickleball Set ($32)

Buffalo Sports was established in 1972 and has over 5000 products available for most sports.  Their products are competitively priced and they provide great gear for schools and clubs across Australia. 

The Buffalo Sports Nitro Pickleball set comes with 2 wooden paddles, 4 balls, and a bag.  The shipping costs $12.90 for any order under $100 but pick-up options from Brunswick are available.  For $32 the paddle set is great value and a nice way to get started.

$32 Via Buffalo Sports

5. Ouroad Pickleball Set


Ouroad Pickleball Set ($39.99)

This carbon fiber pickleball paddle set with 4 balls and a bag is great value.  These can be found via various online retailers.  The Carbon fiber paddles should last longer than the standard wooden paddles and are a great entry-level paddle set. 

The paddles also come with a wrist strap, which is great for kids who may take some wild swings.  The shipping price will differ, but if you have Amazon Prime you can get free shipping on orders over $49.  The set is great because you get 4 paddles, so the whole family can get involved.

This set is the most common set being sold. This set can be found via various stores such as Amazon and even Woolworths is selling a set with free shipping. 

6. Formula Sports Pickleball Set


Formula Sports Pickleball Set ($45.36)

Kogan was established in 2006 and is one of Australia’s largest online retailers.  The Formula Sports Pickleball Set sold through Kogan comes with 2 wooden paddles, 2 balls and a bag. 

The set is a nice starter kit, and it is available for under $46 and comes with free shipping.  Get the family involved with this pickleball set from Kogan.

$45.36 Via Kogan

7. Kesika Pickleball Set


Kesika Pickleball Set ($47.99)

This Kesika pickleball paddle set is available from Amazon and squeeks in at under $50.  The pack has two wooden paddles, 4 balls, bag and is available in various colors.  This paddle set is perfect for any aspiring pickleball player who wants to give it a try. 

The delivery is Free for Prime members but there are also other delivery options that could qualify for free shipping which is great. 

Overall, these colorful paddles will appeal to any pickleball player and will provide hours of fun.

$47.99 Via Amazon

Final Thoughts

Give the gift of Pickleball to the loved ones in your life. For under $50, you cannot go wrong with these super cheap pickleball sets in Australia. Christmas will be a smash hit when Pickleball becomes a family pastime. And any moment you can get the kids off their devices and out in the real world playing Pickleball is a win.

We hope you enjoyed this guide.

Pickle On!

The Aussie Pickleball Bros.

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