Where to Buy Pickleball Paddles in Australia

Are you READY for Pickleball Paddles Australia? If you are looking for Pickleball paddles in Australia to level up your game, we have you covered. This post will guide every pickleball player on where to buy pickleball paddles in Australia. Complete with Australian Stores and Brands that make pickleball Paddles in Australia. All with detailed information and links straight to the source.

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This Post was Last Updated on 26/1/2024: We added Obelisk Pickleball to our list. Enjoy.

Pickleball Paddles Australia

Pickleball is taking the world by storm, and Australian pickleball is starting to ramp up. Australian players are packing out sessions at their local halls and courts. And at some point in their pickleball adventure, Aussie players will need to buy a new paddle. And that is where the Bros come into the picture.

You wouldn’t believe it, but there are many online stores and brands that are Australian-owned and operated. And they are selling the latest and greatest paddles available. So why not support your local Pickleball stores and brands? Well let’s take a look and we can start the ultimate guide to Pickleball paddles in Australia with Australian Pickleball Stores.

1. Australian Pickleball Stores


Australia has a handful of Online Pickleball Stores that specialize in pickleball paddles. Some of the bigger stores also sell shoes, balls, nets and other accessories. And let’s not forget, these stores are run by pickleball enthusiasts. You will also get expert advice on the latest paddles available now and new models coming soon.

Let’s take a look at the Pickleball Stores that offer pickleball Paddles for sale in Australia

Pickleball Superstore

The Pickleball Superstore is the largest online Pickleball Specialty store in Australia. They sell paddles, starter packages, balls and nets.

  • Range: With over 90+ Paddles in stock, it has all 11 of the major brands at a competitive price.
  • Shipping: Free shipping for all orders over $250, and a flat rate of $9.90 applies to all website orders under $250.
  • Website: The website is easy to navigate, and has great images and useful descriptions of the products.
  • Link: Visit the Pickleball Superstore here:

The Pickleball Superstore really is a “Superstore”. It has everything you need to play pickleball at competitive prices.

Pickleball Online (QLD)

The Pickleball Online store is the second largest Pickleball Specialty Store in Australia and is based in Western Australia. They sell Paddles, nets and balls but also have a huge range of shoes, bags and apparel.

  • Range: It has 80+ paddles ranging across 7 major paddle brands.
  • Shipping: Free shipping for all orders over $150, and a flat rate of $9.95 applies to all website orders under $150.
  • Website: The website works really well and looks good. It has a lot of information and there is a physical store in Western Australia.
  • Link: Visit the Pickleball Online store here.

Pickleball Online has a huge range that will cover every pickleball need. It has a price match guarantee where if you find a cheaper price, you will get that reduced price plus 10%. Please read the website for the Price Guarantee terms and conditions. Worth a look.

My Pickleball (NSW)

MyPickleball is the third-largest Pickleball Specialty Store and it is based in Sydney. They sell Paddles, packs, Nets and Balls.

  • Range: It has 30+ Pickleball Paddles across 7 Major Pickleball Brands.
  • Shipping: Shipping is based on Australia Post Rates, with some pickup options. Or a delivery option is available if within 15kms of Gladesville in NSW.
  • Website: The Website is functional with lots of information and items to browse. But it was difficult to find shipping information.
  • Link: Visit the MyPickleball store here.

The site is nice with lots of items for sale. There are mobile numbers on the site for players who may need more help, which is great. Along with other personalized options that add a nice touch.

Paddle HQ (VIC)

Pickleball HQ is the fourth largest Pickleball Specialty Store and it is based in Melbourne. They sell Paddles, Sets, Nets and Balls. And the store offers coaching and is run by coach and competitive player David Lurie.

  • Range: It has 40+ Pickleball Paddles across 8 Major Pickleball Brands.
  • Shipping: Shipping is calculated at Checkout, so likely based on Australia Post Rates. Or pickup is available within 2-4 days from the Melbourne store.
  • Website: The Website is clear and beautifully designed. The homepage has categorized paddles into three groups: Paddles under $100, Paddles $100+ and Pro Paddles. This makes shopping within your budget really easy. This feature is the best!
  • Link: Visit the Pickleball HQ store here.

The Pickleball HQ site is fantastic. And the Pickleball HQ Pro Shop is open on Saturdays where you can try before you buy on a practice court. And you can get advice from a certified coach which sounds great. Paddle HQ is the place to go if you are looking for a pickleball paddle in Melbourne.

Picklers Pick Paddles (TAS)

The Picklers Pick Paddles is a great Pickleball Specialty store based out of Tasmania. They sell approved paddles that are not as readily available from other retailers. And the site is run by Robbie Cooper, a certified Pickleball coach and competitive player.

  • Range: It has 10+ Pickleball Paddles across 7 Major Pickleball Brands.
  • Shipping: Shipping is $12 per paddle or $15 for express shipping. Pick up is available from Geeveston Tasmania.
  • Website: The Website has a simple design and is easy to navigate.
  • Link: Visit the Picklers Pick Paddles store here.

The Picklers Pick Paddles site looks good. It offers a wider choice of paddles for players looking for different brands. The site has video reviews of paddles from Robbie. Along with information on his playing and his love for the game.

PB Sports Online (NSW)

PB Sports Online was established in 2018 by Tony Morgan, a 20-year badminton veteran. Tony was a Pickleball pioneer. He was the first to provide Pickleball products and coaching services in NSW. PBS Sports sell paddles, and merchandise, and provides coaching & player sponsorships. And they even have a Podcast!

  • Range: It has around 50 paddles across 7 major Pickleball Brands.
  • Shipping: Shipping is $15 for paddles, and pick-up is available from Wickham NSW.
  • Website: The website has a great design, navigation and is laid out well.
  • Link: Visit the PBS Sports Online store here

PB Sports Online has a great site, with various components like merchandise and podcasts. This is a nice feature and not found on other sites. Tony is known for connecting with players. And he is passionate about the development and growth of pickleball.

Pickleball West (WA)

Pickleball West is a large store in Western Australia that oversees grassroots pickleball programs in schools and centers. Established in 2019, they sell paddles, starter packages, bags, balls, and nets.

  • Range: With over 30+ Paddles in stock, it has more than 10 of the major brands. And they stock many of the pro paddles that are sold exclusively through the store.
  • Shipping: Free shipping for all orders over $150, or free pickup from Wanneroo, Kenwick, or Busselton.
  • Website: The website is very welcoming and easy to navigate. It has a community feel to it, packed with images of WA players along with some fun videos to give you a feel for Pickleball in WA. Great stuff.
  • Link: Visit the Pickleball West store here.

The Pickleball West store has some great gear and it is operated by three medal-winning WA champions. They also have training programs and promote pickleball in local schools. Great site!

Power Pickleball (WA)

Power Pickleball is located in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. They sell paddles, balls, nets, and accessories.

  • Range: With over 10+ Paddles in stock, it has a variety of major brands. And they sell ex-demo stock at heavily reduced prices.
  • Shipping: Shipping is set at Australia Post rates. Pickup options are available from the Busselton shop or Bayswater drop-off location.
  • Website: The website has a lot of helpful information and videos for beginners. It also has a focus on getting new players involved in pickleball.
  • Link: Visit the Power Pickleball store here:

The Power Pickleball store has a wide range of beginner and pro paddles. The Ex-Demo stock is great for anyone looking for a bargain. And it has plenty of information for new starters to the game.

Oz Pickleball (VIC)

OZ Pickleball is located in Victoria. It is run by Pickleball Coach, promoter and previous board member of Pickleball Victoria, David Wassell. They sell paddles, balls, nets, sets, and accessories.

  • Range: With almost 20 Paddles in stock from the leading pickleball brands in the world.
  • Shipping: Shipping is set at Australia Post rates. Pickup options are available from Highett.
  • Website: The website has a clean design and it’s very easy to find whatever you need. The Menus and layout are clear and intuitive for any Pickleball shopper.
  • Link: Visit the Oz Pickleball store here:

The Oz Pickleball store has everything you need with paddles priced for beginners to experts. They have some great sets that are worth a look, along with pickleball headwear and clothing. Check it out!

Tennis Warehouse (VIC)

Tennis Warehouse is the biggest store when compared to the pickleball specialty stores. They sell paddles, balls, nets and grips and are based in Melbourne.

  • Range: It has 10+ Pickleball Paddles across 3 Major Tennis Brands.
  • Shipping: Free shipping for all orders over $150, and a flat rate of $5.00 applies to all website orders under $150.
  • Website: The Website is slick and laid out like a catalogue. Unfortunately, 99% of the content is focused on tennis. And you need to search for pickleball equipment within the site.
  • Link: Visit the Tennis Warehouse Pickleball page here.

The Tennis Warehouse site is great for tennis, but not so great for pickleball. But more pickleball products will eventually creep into tennis stores. So it is worth being aware of it.

2. Australian Pickleball Brands


Pickleball has taken off in Australia! And local players and innovators are working to develop the perfect paddle. It’s amazing that there are so many new Australian Pickleball brands and they are all providing the latest in pickleball tech. And in some cases, they are being sold and used across the world. These paddles range from beginner paddles to boutique and Pro paddles.

With so many fantastic options, we are spoiled for choice. All with unique designs, high performance materials and superior quality. It is great to support local brands and their Pickleball products. These paddles aren’t available from most stores. And buying directly from the company usually means you can get a great deal too.

Let’s take a look at the latest Australian Pickleball paddle brands.

Six Zero Pickleball (QLD)

Six Zero Pickleball is an Australian family-owned pickleball brand based in Queensland. They produce high-end, high-performance paddles. Their name comes from the top grade in Pickleball (6.0). And the paddle is designed to help players reach their potential and beyond.

Six Zero prides itself on innovation and they continue to develop new products. And they also have a roster of players that they sponsor to play pickleball, which is impressive.

  • Range: 3 Paddles are available.
  • Price Range: $125-$225
  • Shipping: Free shipping on all orders over $50
  • Website: The website has a great design and navigation. The layout looks great and there is a lot of information for shoppers.
  • Link: Visit the Six Zero Pickleball page here.

The Six Zero Range of paddles are in high demand and they have a great visual style. There are three options, with a Control, Power and All-Rounder paddle available. As a higher-end paddle, the Six Zero paddles are ideal for the more experienced player who wants to level up their game. Well worth a look.

NuPlay Sports (NSW)

NuPlay Sports is a 100% owned and operated company. It specializes in Pickleball Paddles and equipment. Their paddles are used across Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

NuPlay Sports paddles have distinct styles and shapes for all pickleball players. They are proud to support the growth of pickleball in Australia. And NuPlay Sports sponsored the last 2 NSW Open Pickleball Championships. They also offer sponsorships for players and tournaments via the website. Which is a nice touch.

  • Range: 7 Paddles are available.
  • Price Range: $60-$181
  • Shipping: Flat rate of $15 or local pickup is available in NSW.
  • Website: The website looks great with a honeycomb theme and colors that pop. It has lots of great information and is easy to navigate.
  • Link: Visit the NuPlay Sports page here.

NuPlay provides a great range of paddles for all pickleball player types. This includes a paddle to “extend your volley game”. A heavier paddles for big hitters, or lighter paddles for the softer touch player. All great options for all pickleball players looking to go to the next level.

HUSTL Pickleball (VIC)

HUSTL is a Pickleball brand “born and bred in Melbourne Australia”. The paddles are designed for all skill levels. They are made from premium quality materials with the latest in pickleball tech.

The paddles are USAPA-approved and are developed, engineered and tested in Australia. The paddles are designed to provide a hybrid of power and control. And they utilize a carbon friction surface. The paddles look great and HUSTL also sells pickleball accessories. And no doubt you have seen these Melbourne-made paddles on local pickleball courts.

  • Range: 3 Paddles are available.
  • Price Range: $189-220
  • Shipping: Shipping is calculated at Checkout, so likely based on Australia Post Rates. Shipping link on the webpage doesn’t work, unfortunately 🙁
  • Website: The website has a minimalist design, is simple to navigate and looks great. Very slick.
  • Link: Visit the HUSTL Pickleball page here.

The HUSTL pickleball paddles look impressive and come loaded with the latest tech. They are aimed at all players but are most likely suitable for more advanced players. These paddles look great and they are worthy of your time. Recommended.

OutWest Sport (NSW)

OutWest Sport provides Southwest-style Pickleball paddles. The brand is owned by a member of the Northern Beaches Pickleball Association (NBPA) out of Sydney. And OutWest Paddles is a Bronze sponsor of the NBPA. The paddles are super stylish with colours that pop. And the paddle images appeal to those Pickleballers who love Western-themed movies and music…. cough cough (like the Aussie Pickleball Bros)

  • Range: 4 Paddles are available.
  • Price Range: All paddles are $112.
  • Shipping: Free Shipping on all orders. And all orders are dispatched the next day with express post.
  • Website: The website theme and design complement the design of the paddles. It is easy to navigate around and has plenty of information.
  • Link: Visit the OutWest Sport Pickleball page here

The OutWest Pickleball paddles are competitively priced and have a fun, artistic design. Made with high-quality materials, the OutWest paddles are perfect for any player who wants a unique paddle. And why wouldn’t you want to stand out on the pickleball court? These paddles are very cool!

Pickleball Promotions (NSW)

Pickleball Promotions is an Australian-owned company and they provide a wide range of pickleball equipment and paddles. The paddles are USAPA-approved and vary in price to suit all players at all budgets.

Pickleball Promotions also offers coaching services and pickleball training machines. And they support and sponsor various Pickleball tournaments which is fantastic. The paddles are distinct and the models stand out. And they have their own unique design and construction.

  • Range: 5 Paddles are available.
  • Price Range: $39-$199.
  • Shipping: Free Shipping on all orders $200+ AUD.
  • Website: The website has lots of information and is simple to navigate. It has more than just paddles and equipment. It also has options for coaching and other pickleball-related needs.
  • Link: Visit the Pickleball Promotions page here.

The Pickleball Promotions paddles look great, and there is no one size and price fits all. The cheapest paddle is $39 which is perfect for any Pickleball beginners. And higher priced and more tech-heavy paddles are available for advanced players.

Laneway Paddle Company (VIC)

The Laneway Paddle Company is a boutique paddle company, designed in Brunswick Victoria. They are a new brand on the pickleball paddle block. Their mission is to make pickleball accessible to all. As they eat, sleep and breathe pickleball. Woo.

  • Range: 3 Paddles are available.
  • Price Range: All paddles are $139.
  • Shipping: Shipping is free across Australia.
  • Website: The Laneway Paddles site is visual, and has a minimalist style. It is simple to navigate and complements the design of their paddles. Very nice.
  • Link: Visit the Laneway Paddle Pickleball page here.

The Laneway paddles have a modern-retro feel, from the grip color and the paddle design. The paddles suit beginners to experienced players and come at a competitive price. Check these Paddles out.

Obelisk Pickleball (QLD)

Obelisk Pickleball is a Brisbane based Pickleball brand and online store, established in 2020. They provide a wide range of paddles, balls, nets, and apparel, along with their own Aussie-designed, USAPA-approved Obelisk paddles.

  • Range: Over 50+ Pickleball Paddles are available for 5+ Brands
  • Price Range: $50-$365
  • Shipping: Free for orders over $120 or a $10 flat rate for all orders under $120.
  • Website: The website is simple, fast loading and easy to navigate. There isn’t a lot of information on the site, but the linked Facebook page has a lot of activity which is great.
  • Link: Visit the Obelisk Pickleball website here.

The Obelisk paddles have vibrant designs and they have some really nice beginners paddles priced at $50. Also worth noting, the profits from Obelisk Pickleball goes back into the pickleball community. The company founder has worked tirelessly to promote the game. He has started pickleball venues throughout Queensland, painted pickleball courts lines for clubs and donated equipment to get more people playing the game. It’s a fantastic effort and worthy of supporting his Pickleball cause.

Pickle Boss

Pickle Boss is an Australian pickleball paddle brand that was started by two friends, Nicole and Gabbie. They forged their love of business, innovation, and sport into a paddle company. Their unique paddles aim to elevate players of all abilities, to play “like the boss they are.”

  • Range: 3 Paddles are available.
  • Price Range: $85-$190
  • Shipping: Shipping at Standard rates
  • Website: The website has clean colors and big, bright images. It’s simple to navigate and looks great.
  • Link: Visit the Pickle Boss Website here.

The Pickle Boss Paddles have a fun, colour theme and design. They are made with premium materials and the range has a paddle for all players, for any budget. Unleash your inner Pickle Boss with these Paddles. Great stuff.

If any Aussie Pickleball players want to take a look at the US stores, the Bros wrote an article on Where to Buy Pickleball Paddles in the US. See what you think.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many Pickleball paddles in Australia. This guide was put together to promote all of the Pickleball stores and brands across Australia. And to showcase the options available to all Aussie Pickleball players. If you buy a paddle from anyone on this page, tell them the Bros sent you. And if our guide is missing anyone, feel free to contact the Aussie Pickleball Bros and we can add them in.

We hope you enjoyed this guide, and thanks for reading.

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