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After the HUGE week of Pickleball news last week, the Bros thought they could relax this time around. Maybe get a snooze in, and enjoy the weekend weather. But no, the pickleball news does not stop, and the Bros are here to report on it. In your weekly dose of Pickleball News, read on to get the latest.

This week, we look at the MLP and PPA Merger that has been completed. We also report on World Pickleball Day on October 10th and we look at Pickleball Jewellery. And let’s not forget, Pickleball Sox. Another big Post for your Pickleball lovers. Filled with the latest and greatest Pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

World Pickleball Day is October 10 – Register Today

Clear your calendar folks! Snuggled between AFL/NRL grand final days and Halloween is World Pickleball Day. It was launched by the World Pickleball Federation to increase the awareness of Pickleball. And hopefully, to get new players into the sport. If you are like the Bros and thought, hang on, didn’t we just celebrate a Pickleball Day? Well No, that was “National Pickleball Day” on August 8th, this is World Pickleball Day, on October 10th.

The Pickleball Australia Association (ASA) has a page with Pickleball Day Sites. And a registration page for clubs that want to celebrate the day. World Pickleball Day has a theme, which is “Dress as Your Favourite Sports Star” to win prizes. So keep an eye out as there will be more to come.

And look out for the Bros on the day, likely rocking a Mo and dressed like cricket legend – David Boon. Boonie… Boonie…Dead Set legend.

Read about World Pickleball Day Via the ASA Page here.

Pickleball Coaching and Holiday Experience in Australia

Imagine a little getaway where you can go on holiday, relax, and play pickleball all day. Well, imagine no more, this dream is now a reality. A residential coaching program is available to register your interest. The program has 30+ hours of world-class pickleball training and coaching. All wrapped up within a resort-style holiday experience. This sounds fantastic and would be way more fun than a virtual coaching session.

Register your Interest via the Pickleball Coaching Australia Academy link.

Picklesox available in Australia Via the Sockman

The Bros are always happy to support local players and products, and this one comes via “the Sockman”. Brad is a well-known pickleball player, known for his socks and bold fashionable style. Well, the Sockman has introduced Picklesox to Oz, and the world. They embody the spirit of pickleball, they are bold, colorful, and full of energy.

The Sox look great and are competitively priced for sporting Sox. And with Picklesox now available, the Bros just need someone to develop Picklejox, and Father’s Day next year would be complete.

Buy your Pickleball Picklesox right here.

Global Pickleball News

The Pickleball War is OVER – the PPA and MLP merger is a GO!

The Bros have been reporting on the Pickleball War over the last few weeks. But it looks like Major League Pickleball and the PPA Tour will merge to form a unified company. This is great news for pickleball to have a central organization. And it’s fantastic to have pickleball align across the biggest markets, like the US. And this may also impact Australia, after last week’s news of the MLP and PAA partnership.

By merging the PPA and MLP, we will have two types of Pickleball to follow. The PPA tour will be a bracket-style tour format that will determine the best players in the world. The MLP will consist of teams in a co-ed league format.

This should create clarity and more opportunity for players to play, and for fans to get involved. And it simplifies the sport as it will all sit under one umbrella. It’s great to see the sport maturing and 2024 will be an exciting year for pickleball across the US and Australia.

Click here to read about the MLP and PPA Tour Merger.

Pickleball Popularity Explodes in China

Pickleball popularity is picking up steam in China. It all started in early April. Social media platform Xiaohongshu launched a campaign called “Pickleball Together”. It promoted the sport and recruited members for its own Pickleball League.

Now Pickleball is played in Beijing, Shanghai, and other smaller cities. China’s first Pickleball court opened in April and the sport is believed “to have huge potential in China”. Pickleball is becoming a trendy activity among young people. And for a country that loves racket sports like table tennis and badminton, Pickleball is a great fit for the nation.

Read the Pickleball Popularity Explodes in China here.

My Pickleball Coaching App launches One on One Virtual Coaching

Pickleball Apps are all the rage, and the latest is My Pickleball Coach. This new mobile app provides access to world-class coaches. It provides a few nifty features such as virtual instruction and feedback. Simply download the app, get tips, and achieve goals via a customized roadmap within the app. The cost is $19.99/month USD, and the app is partnering with clubs in the US. It’s an interesting take and could be a great option for anyone who wants some help to improve virtually.

Take a look at the My Pickleball Coaching App here.

Pickleball Fashion

Pickleball Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings Bring the Bling

Pickleball fashion is a thing, as players want to look good and feel good on the court. Born to Rally is a company that is taking that to a new level, with pickleball jewellery. The jewellery is designed to “reflect the heart and soul of a true pickleball enthusiast.” All jewellery is handmade in South Carolina, and they can create custom pieces and they ship worldwide. The jewellery looks great. And if any players are looking to be the Mr.T of Pickleball, get your custom gold Pickleball goodies here. And the Bros pity the fool that doesn’t have any Pickleball bling.

Take a look at the Born To Rally Pickleball Jewellery here.

Pickleball Insanity

Israel’s Answer to Pickleball… Introducing Footvolley

Another day, another answer to Pickleball. This time it’s called Footvolley. It’s a hit in Israel and is played on the beaches of Tel Aviv. It arrived in Israel in 2003, and it is a volleyball-soccer mashup. Players must keep the ball up and get it over the net, using feet, knees and heads. Footvolley has “become the soul of Tel Aviv” with the young people, and it draws some decent crowds. It’s not as inclusive of all age groups as pickleball is, but still an interesting sport.

There are some great action shots if you follow the link to Israel’s Answer to Pickleball – Footvolley via the Times of Israel.


Pickleball Courts Increase Home Value in Texas

A great story on homeowners in Texas. It seems that adding a Pickleball court to a home will improve resale value. Real estate Agents report that people looking to buy a home aren’t interested in pools or basketball courts anymore. They want pickleball courts. This video just makes the Bros sad, wondering how amazing it would be to have a court in their backyard. Some great footage of homes with courts… lucky buggers.

Watch the Pickleball Court Homeowners video via YouTube below.

Final Thoughts

And there we go, the latest installment of the Aussie Pickleball News. Stay safe, play your best and the Bros will see you again next week for the latest in Pickleball News. Delivered weekly with love.

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