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Here we go!  Another week of Global Pickleball News with an Australian angle, ripe for the reading.  This week, we take a look at the big one, World Pickleball Day 2023.  It’s BACK and BIGGER than ever. And there are events happening across the Globe.  We look at Pickleball Coaching as a Side Hustle, and we have a New sponsor for the National Pickleball League and Pickleball AI?  Yes please. 

Let’s kick it in, and get to the news for all of you Pickleball fans.  Filled with the latest and greatest Pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

World Pickleball Day 2023 – It is HERE – October 10

World Pickleball Day is here!  Launched by the World Pickleball Federation.  On the 10th of October, celebrate the sport you love and spread the word.  There are various events being set up across Australia, with a “Dress up as your favourite Sports Star” theme.  There will be prizes, and there are many events being held across Australia to celebrate.  I’m sure the day will be busy on your social media, so keep an eye out.  And join in the fun.

See if there are any World Pickleball Day 2023 events near you, via Pickleball Australia. 

Virtual Pickleball Fest 2023 – October 12

After World Pickleball Day, we have the Virtual Pickleball Fest. The Bros mentioned this one last week, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s not too late to sign up for the Virtual Pickleball Fest. Presented by Mumarama Pickleball and the Pickleball Australia Association (PAA). Loaded with 18+ hours of immersive content, with coaches, experts, and players, this event has an action-packed agenda. The complete agenda is available and looks great for players, coaches, or educators.

Register for the Virtual Pickleball Fest via the link.

Aqua Love the Official Water Sponsor of the NPL

The National Pickleball League (NPL) has announced Aqualove as its official water sponsor.  This is great news, and Aqualove is an “alkaline water brand”.  For the uninitiated (like the Bros), Alkaline water has a higher PH level than plain tap water.  So alkaline water can neutralize acid in your bloodstream.  There are other benefits and to top it off, it comes in a recyclable can.  The Bros have never had water out of a can before, so it could be a new experience for 2023.  Anyway, congrats to the NPL and be sure to try Aqualove at the next NPL event.  Or at the soon-to-open NPL Pickleball super site in South Melbourne.

Take a look at Aqua Love the Official National Pickleball League Water Sponsor press release here.

Pickleball Coaching in Australia

Seems like everyone has a “side hustle” these days.  When the Bros were Lads, we called that a second job. But anyway, Dale Glenny lived in America and fell in love with Pickleball.  She has come back to Australia and is training to be a pickleball coach. 

Dale is also spending $80,000 to convert a tennis court in her Freemantle home into a Pickleball court, and she is going to follow her pickleball passion to coach and play all day.  Lucky!

Interestingly, Dale will rent her court out for $30 per hour using a service called Swimply.  This service lets users rent our private swimming pools and tennis courts.  This sounds interesting, so stay tuned for more on that as the service launches in Australia. 

Interesting article on a Pickleball Side Hustle via Yahoo News.

Global Pickleball News

Andre Agassi in Pickleball Action

OK, maybe the Bros are a little biased and love Andre Agassi.  He was the fluro-wearing legend from the 90’s, made a comeback, and became a bigger legend.  So any reporting on Andre playing or training for the Pickleball Slam 2 is newsworthy for the Bros. Anyway, take a look at Andre in action.  This is exciting and the Bros love to speculate, who is the next tennis great to jump into pickleball?  Pete Sampras?  Roger Federer?  The list goes on. Feel free to speculate in the comments below.

Take a look at Andre Agassi in Pickleball Action here. 

Pickleball Vision AI – Artificial Intelligence Assisting Pickleball Players

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the world!  And it looks to creep into Pickleball and the sports industry.  Pickleball Vision AI is using AI technology to help players analyze their gameplay and receive insights for improvement.  To use Pickleball Vision, simply film a game, and upload the footage for analysis and the AI algorithm will offer feedback on shot selection and placement, amongst other tips for game improvement.  Sounds like an interesting concept.

Read the article on how AI is assisting pickleball players to improve here. 

Pickleball Insanity

Pickleball Protestors Chained to Trees.

Mollie McMahon has chained herself to a tree, to protest the development of pickleball courts in Travers Park, Idaho.  She is a long-time resident and doesn’t want to see 30-year Willow Trees destroyed for a pickleball facility.  The site location was selected for it’s open space and it is nearby to local schools and senior centers.

Relatives of Frank Tarvers, who the park was named after were equally upset.  As their deceased family members had their ashes scattered at the park, under those big trees.  And they don’t want that resting place to be ruined. 

Interesting but sad story on Chained to a Tree pickleball protestors.

Pickleball and Rage Therapy

Although almost misleading, a Long Island Rage Therapy center has opened pickleball courts.  So if you aren’t smashing objects to feel better about your life, you can pop over next door and smash a few balls.  Both can be used to “unleash stress in a safe and stimulating environment”.  Courts can be hired for $50 per hour USD and at some point, maybe pickleball paddles will be used for smashing glassware for rage therapy. No real point for this article, but an interesting idea – Pickleball as Rage Therapy.

Read the article on Pickleball and Rage Therapy here.

Final Thoughts

As one famous cartoon pig once said, “That’s all Folks”.  The Bros hope all of you pickleball enthusiasts have an AMAZING Pickleball Day-Week and month  We will see you all next week, as we report the latest and greatest in Pickleball news, Delivered weekly with love.

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