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Hello Friends,  The Bros are back with another BIG week of Global Pickleball News. This week we take a look at the USA Pickleball National Championships 2023 and the NPL Championships taking place in the Pickle(ball) Jar in Melbourne. And we take a little look at the upcoming Invictus Australia Pickleball Event on November 21. 

It’s all here so let’s kick it in with the latest and greatest Pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!


Australian Pickleball News

NPL Championships in Melbourne (Nov 17-19)

The National Pickleball League is ramping up.  A tournament with $13,000 in prize money is taking place this weekend over 3 days (NOV 17-19).  What makes this event special is that it will be taking place at a new Pickleball venue called “The Jar” located in South Melbourne.  Described as an NPL Super site, the Jar will be Melbourne’s only dedicated Pickleball Centre. Open 7 days a week, it will offer social play, court hire lessons, and tournaments. 

The Jar has four Championship-style courts and event space.  Unfortunately, the Bros can’t make it down for this tournament and but will 100% check out the venue ASAP and report back.  Hopefully, the Jar is the first of many dedicated Pickleball Venues.  Social Leagues will start on November 20. Which is super exciting for all players.

Details on the NPL Melbourne Championships are found via the link.

And details on the Pickleball Jar and booking games and fees to play can be found via the link.

If you missed it, take a look at the Pacific Pro Melbourne 23 Impressions. The Bros thought the Event was Sweet, check it out.

Invictus Australia Come and Try Pickleball – November 21

Invictus Australia and Ryde Pickleball has a Pickleball session in Eastwood NSW on November 21 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  They are inviting members of the local defence community to try Pickleball at a special event for the whole family. 

Invictus is an organization that helps members of the Australian Defence community. They aim to keep members active and connected through the power of sport to enhance physical and mental well-being.  They put on a lot of sporting events and they have a session coming up for Pickleball. 

For more details on Invictus Australia Pickleball, follow the link for details

Global Pickleball News

Anna Leigh Waters wins Triple Crown at USA Pickleball National Championships

The USA Pickleball National Championships just wrapped up. It was a big event from Nov 5 to Nov 12 in Dallas, Texas.  With over 4,000 Amateur Players, 200 Pros, and 10,000 spectators estimated.  It has been described as a “tentpole” event, and the schedule was action-packed across the 8 days.  Some fantastic results and matches can be found online.

It is worth noting the big winner was Anna Leigh Waters. A 16-year-old who won the Triple Crown (singles, doubles, and mixed doubles). And she is a triple crown repeat offender. What an unbelievable result.  

Check out a stack of great videos on the USA Pickleball Twitter page. All the winners can be found on the USA Pickleball Results Page.

Wheelchair pickleball Trailblazer in the UK

Terry Smith is one of the first Pickleball wheelchair players in the UK. This 60-year-old played the 2023 English Nationals where wheelchair pickleball has been included. It’s fantastic that Pickleball England and Scotland help put these events on. They are huge supporters of wheelchair players and give them opportunities to play. 

Smith believes Pickleball is a “fantastic wheelchair sport”. The smaller court makes it more accessible for wheelchair players. And Smith will continue to develop and promote pickleball for wheelchair athletes.

A great story. about Wheelchair Pickleball via the Central Fife Times.

Former San Diego Firefighter turns Pickleball Pro

Callan Dawson started to play Pickleball in 2015, and he wondered if this “fad” was going to fade away “like racquetball did”.  Fast forward eight years, and Dawson is determined for the sport to be taken seriously.  He gave up his job as a firefighter to focus on pickleball full-time.  He plays in the professional leagues and he describes pickleball as “playing chess but applying it to the court”. 

Dawson plays nearly every day of the week and continues to work to improve his ranking. He sits at a 20 rank but has been as high as 7. An interesting story about people from all walks of life, transforming their lives because of pickleball.

Read about the pickleball firefighter turns Pro via NBC San Diego

Pickleball Insanity

Farmer Turns Manure Pit to Pickleball Court

Usually, the Bros will cover a story of converting a tennis court to a Pickleball court.  Well, in this extreme example, farmers in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania had a spare manure storage tank. The manure pit was unused for 12 years, and Arlin Benner decided it could be a great spot for a pickleball court.  It took a year to clean up and install the courts, and now local farmers drop by for a game. The court looks great too.  

Read about the Pickleball Manure Pit Conversion here via farmprogress.com

Alleged Pickleball Masturbator Caught

The Bros see some wild articles reporting the Pickleball news. This one is pretty extreme, so we will just quietly drop in the opening line of this article and slowly step away….

“A man whose stroke on the pickleball court was most unwelcome has allegedly been identified and arrested.”

Eeeek. Feel free to follow the link if you want to learn more about the alleged Pickleball Masturbator via arlnow.com.

Final Thoughts

Another week gone as we creep towards Christmas.  We will see you all next week, as we report the latest and greatest in Pickleball news, Delivered weekly with love.

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