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And we are back. After World Pickleball Day on October 10, you would think the Pickleball News would take a break. This week, we take a look at three pieces of news from the NPL, including Six Zero as a Major Sponsor for the NPL. And we look at a Pickleball Triumph for Regional NSW players and we get jealous by Office Pickleball – where pickleball is encouraged anytime, any day… sigh…

Let’s get it started. The News, and nothing but the News, filled with the latest and greatest from the Wide World of Pickleball Sport. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

NPL and PlaySight Partner to Bring AI to Pickleball

The National Pickleball League (NPL) had a big week with a bunch of news released over the last few days. Let’s start with Numero Uno, the NPL announced a 3-year partnership with PlaySight, an AI sports sports video and analytics company. This partnership will aim to elevate the Pickleball playing experience for NPL members. It will provide AI-driven insights through video capture and other cool technology.

And the NPL Supersite due to go live later this year will come equipped with the PlaySight AI tech. Exciting news for tech and sports lovers, and it will be interesting to see the PlaySight AI in action sometime soon. Could this futuristic technology help the Bros with their shonky serving technique? We can only hope.

Read the NPL release on the PlaySight AI pickleball partnership via the NPL website.

NPL Announce Six Zero as Major Sponsor

The NPL had another HUGE announcement, with Six Zero named as a major sponsor of the NPL. This is BIG, as Six Zero paddles are insanely popular. The Bros covered them in their Australian Paddles Post a few weeks back FYI. Six Zero and NPL will partner with a vision “to significantly grow the total awareness, participation and adoption of pickleball from the ground up.”

Six Zero is the biggest paddle brand in Australia and is doing great things in the US. The partnership will see Six Zero produce a new, high-quality entry-level paddle to cater to new players. This is fantastic news, and Six Zero paddles will be available to buy from NPL Pickleball venues. It’s a WIN-WIN and fantastic news for Aussie Pickleball players. And the Bros can’t wait to see this new paddle when it lands.

Read the Six Zero announced as NPL major sponsor via the NPL link.

Pickleball Courting a New Generation in the Guardian

And to round out the NPL trifecta, The Guardian wrote up a nice piece on Pickleball “courting” a new generation of players. With comments from the CEO of the NPL, Ron Shell, and the future growth of Pickleball in Australia. Some great positive messages on why people play and enjoy pickleball in the article. Along with a few interesting tidbits.

Well worth a read, on how Pickleball is a Cross-Generational Sport, here via the Guardian.

Pickleball Triumph for NSW Regional Players

A great Regional News story on Pickleball. Lisa and Heather Fletcher came home from the recent Pickleball Championships with some big wins and medals. A great news story for Regional NSW pickleball players, and a nice insight into the tournament and scorching temperatures on the day. Great video.

Watch the Video on Lisa and Heather Fletchers Pickleball Triumph via NBN News.

Global Pickleball News

Pickleball to Tennis Court Conversions is a Booming

Another day, another Tennis court to Pickleball Court conversion story. An interesting where an LA tennis court owner was struggling to survive. He decided to convert his tennis court into four pickleball courts. And when he re-opened, he had 50 people waiting outside for the doors to open. His new pickleball business is booming with court hire, coaching and retail sales. The journey from failing business to booming success is a fascinating read.

Read the Pickleball Business Owner Pivot from Tennis via Business Insider.

Office Pickleball for Happy, Healthy, and productive Workers

Imagine a pickleball court at work, where you can play whenever you like… OMG. Well, Room and Board is a Minneapolis-based furniture retailer with an indoor pickleball court in its office building. Employees can use the pickleball court at any time before during or after the work day. Talk about the ultimate work perk! Employees report that they feel “sharper” and “feel more awake” after an afternoon pickleball battle

Read this article and get jealous of the company that pays its employees to play pickleball via NBC Miami.

Final Thoughts

And here we are, the end of another fantastic week in Pickleball News. We will see you all next week, as we do what we do and report the latest and greatest in Pickleball news, Delivered weekly with love.

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