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Here we go, another big week of pickleball news. The Bros are back to report on the last 7 days of Pickleball news from around the GLOBE. Here it is, in your weekly dose of Pickleball News. Let’s kick it in. This week, we catch up on an ABC Radio segment on how Pickleball Goes Pro in Australia. We introduce the Pickleball Shed in Gosford, and we look at the Sharapova Pickleball Slam Announcement. And we take a look at the Hybrid Sports being the future.

Another big Post for your Pickleball lovers. Filled with the latest and greatest Pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

“Pickleball Goes Pro” on ABC Radio

Way back on September 17, as the Aussie MLP announcements were happening, ABC Radio broadcast a chat about Pickleball. Well, it has just been released online. If you missed it, Lisa Leong the presenter for Victorian Sundays had a chat with Beefy Blake about Pickleball, starting with the premise “What is all the fuss about”. It’s an interesting chat, ranging from Pickleball nudists and Pickleball noise complaints. Not a bad chat if you have 15 minutes to spare.

Listen to the Pickleball Goes Pro discussion via ABC Radio Online.

Introducing The Pickleball Shed in Gosford, NSW

Dennis Gordge, a retired designer and builder fell in love with pickleball in 2022 after he retired. He became addicted and built a full-sized pickleball court in his shed. Thus was born, the Pickleball Shed! Dennis also built multiple “stations” around the court for players to practice their skills. And now, he shares his love of pickleball by teaching others in his Pickleball shed. What a legend!

It’s a great idea, and the Bros love reporting these smaller Australian stories. The link also has details if you want to contact Dennis to find out more about the Pickleball Shed.

Read the article about the Pickleball Shed in Gosford via the Coast Community News.

Global Pickleball News

Sharapova Pickleball Announcement for Pickleball Slam 2

OK, not exactly new news as the Aussie Pickleball Bros reported on Sharapova playing in the Pickleball Slam 2 alongside John McEnroe. Sharapova dropped a video about the tournament, and of course, McEnroe steals the show. These retired tennis players all love Pickleball (except McEnroe who openly dislikes it). but it is interesting, that they are all coming back to play pickleball. Should be a great match,

Click here to watch the Sharapova Pickleball Slam 2 Announcement via News.com

Pickleball and Hybrid Variations the Future of Sport

Hybrid sports are a thing, and the Bros have been reporting on “the next pickleball” almost every week. Where Pickleball is “the lovechild between tennis and badminton”, these sports are gaining traction. And what is considered sport, is constantly evolving. An interesting article on hybrid sports, and their place in a world of purists that hate them (cough cough – tennis fans).

A really nice article on Pickleball and Hybrid Sports via the LA Times.

Pickleball Health

Pistachios, the Perfect Pickleball Fuel.

Looking for a pre or post-game snack? Pistachios may be just what you need. Kelly Jones, a certified sports dietician recommends pistachios, as they have fat, fiber, and protein. She describes a carb-only snack as a “missed opportunity”. Pistachios are a “complete” protein, which means they provide all of the essential amino acids in adequate amounts. Some nice tips in this article.

Take a look at Pistachios the best Pickleball Snack here.

Pickleball Insanity

Pickleball at the Truck Bar`

Merle McKenzie, the owner of the Truck Bar has built new pickleball courts at the Higganum, Connecticut location. There is no story here, but always fascinating where pickleball courts are popping up because of their small size. People can get creative and sneak a court somewhere, even in truck-themed bars. Worth taking a look at the photos of this bar, great stuff.

There are some great images if you follow the link Pickleball at the Truck Bar.

Luka Doncic Floating Pickleball Court

If Truck Bars aren’t your thing, this amazing image of Pickleball Paradise has been doing the rounds online. Take a look at a floating Pickleball court. It belongs to Luka Doncic, a professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks. The court is on Lake Bled, Slovenia. And it is glorious.

Follow the link to the Floating Pickleball Court here.


Final Thoughts

Thank you friends. And that is a wrap. Keep playing and loving the game, and the Bros will see you again next week for the latest in Pickleball News. Delivered weekly with love.

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