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HERE WE GO! Another week of Pickleball News. After unwrapping Jox and Sox on Father’s Day in Australia, the Aussie Pickleball Bros need to fulfill their duty to report on the latest in Pickleball News from around the GLOBE. This week, we look at the Pickleball Civil War between the PPA and MLP. And we report on Jack Sock, another Tennis Pro switching to Pro Pickleball. We also take a look at Pickleball Pet costumes and a new Pickleball Score Tracker for your Apple watch and lots more.

Another big Post for your pickleball lovers. Filled with the latest and greatest pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Global Pickleball News

Pickleball Civil War

The Bros reported on this Pickleball News last week. It seems like this war between the Pickleball Players Association (PPA) and Major League Pickleball (MLP) is heating up. A bidding war has broken out for exclusive rights to these players. This was after an agreement that players could play for either league. The MLP is throwing crazy cash at players and they are signing up. And now, “All hell has broken loose”. It’s a really interesting article. It has first-hand accounts from the organisations and players caught in the middle.

Read this great article Pickleball Civil War Breaks Loose via Yahoo Sport here.

Jack Sock, retiring from Pro Tennis to play Pickleball

Jack Sock, who achieved a career-high ranking of Number 8 in singles and number 2 in doubles, has jumped ship. He is pursuing a career with the Professional Pickleball League (PPA). Sock is looking to earn in the high six figures. And his tennis career earnings exceed 11 million.

Jack is a successful tennis player, although not a big gun in the tennis world. His switch to pickleball is another crack in the wall, and surely, more tennis players will jump over at some point. Especially as older players start to retire from tennis. Interesting times in Pickleball World.

Read the article, Jack Sock retiring from Tennis to play Pro Pickleball via Forbes here.

New Pickleball Score Tracker on Apple Watch

Keeping track of the score in a pickleball game can be difficult. In the heat of a pickleball battle, it’s not unusual for someone to ask… “What’s the score?”.

Well, there is now an App for that. The Pickleball Score Tracker is a fantastic new App that has surfaced on Product Hunt. It’s only available on Apple Watch at the moment as a prototype, but the idea is great. Before you play, start the game on your watch. Swipe up or down to allocate points to you or your opponent. It’s that easy!

What a simple but great idea. It is free and worth a try if you own an Apple Watch. And you can leave feedback for the creators as they improve the product. Very cool.

Follow this link to the Pickleball Score Tracker via the Product Hunt Page. And the App can be found on the Apple Watch store.


Pickleball Fun

Pickleball Pet Halloween Costumes

Is this really news? No. But it is cute, so the Bros will allow it. Target in the US has Pickleball Pet Costumes available for Halloween. They come with a ball in one paw and a paddle in the other. Show your friends that you love pickleball more than anyone. And let the neighbours in your street question your sanity this Halloween.

View the Pickleball Pet Halloween Costumes via Target here.


Pickleball Engagement Party

Olivia Culpos, model, actress, and internet celebrity loves a bit of pickleball. So much so, that she had a few games during her engagement party. She had a court set up and said “Everyone loved it”. And the idea of dressing up for an engagement party, and then playing pickleball is great.

But maybe there is more to it? Pickleball can be the centrepiece for other occasions. A Pickleball wedding? Bar Mitzvah? Pickleball Funeral? It’s only a matter of time before someone in Hollywood makes these crazy ideas a reality. So stay tuned for the Aussie Pickleball Bros News, when our future predictions come true. Now for next week’s lotto numbers…

Read the article Olivia Culpo Pickleball Engagement via Pop Sugar here.

Pickleball Insanity

Pickleball Induced Labour for Pregnant Mother

We all know Pickleball can help many things. It’s great for your health, and mental well-being and now. And now it is a proven fact, it helps induce labour. Shailene, a Florida woman tried everything to induce labour and nothing worked. Well, she played pickleball and when she tried an overhead smash… her water broke. This was all captured on video and uploaded for the world to see.

View the video of a Pickleball Induced Labour right here via Kidspot..

Final Thoughts

And that is a wrap. If you want to catch up on previous news, just take a look at this Pickleball News page chock-full of news. Until then, see you all next week with the latest in Pickleball News. Delivered weekly with love.

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