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Come all Ye Faithful Pickleball lovers, let’s get joyful and triumphant in this week’s Pickleball News.  Where your pals, the Aussie Pickleball Bros, report the latest Pickleball news from around the GLOBE. This week we have a look at the New Courts opened for the Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club. And we take a look at Pickleball Paycuts and Player Chaos along with new study results on how Pickleball Boosts Senior’s Mental Health. And much, much more.

Enjoy your final dose of news for the year, as we cruise into Christmas.  Thank you all for reading and your support, as we chronicle the rise and RISE of Pickleball in Australia.  Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!


Australian Pickleball News

New Courts for Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club

The Drysdale/Clifton Springs Pickleball Club has officially opened its outdoor courts.  Eight brand spanking new courts have been created out of a disused bowling rink at the Clifton Springs bowling club.  The local pickleballers could only play at the Drysdale Primary School after hours, now they can play all day long at the new facilities.  The Bros covered Pickleball Bowling Green Conversions recently, and this could be a HUGE trend that could pick up. 

Players are coming from far and wide, so check out the new courts.  And the next time the Bros visit Ocean Grove, they may need to drop by for a few games.

Read the Pickleball Court Success article via the Bellarine Times.

Pickleball Players Brave the Heat in Newcastle

The NPL Pickleball Regional Championships took place in Newcastle, at the Bar Beach tennis club on December 9-10.  The tennis club courts were transformed into Pickleball courts for the big game.  It was a scorcher and some footage was just released from the Newcastle Tournament via NBN News.

Catch some footage of the Newcastle Regional Championships via NBN News

Global Pickleball News

Pro Players band together during Pickleball Pay Cuts and Chaos

This article is really interesting and a little scary.  Professional pickleball players in the US are voicing their concerns about the future of the sport.  The Bros covered the PPA and MLP merger which was a bit messy.  And now players are being asked to take a 40% pay cut to help the sport become more viable and sustainable for the future. 

The rapid expansion, competing Pickleball organizations, and crazy contracts have all added to the chaos.  A-list ownership and club valuations have all added fuel to the fire.  And the players are unhappy with the direction.  Hopefully, this is all something that can be resolved shortly.  It’s an interesting article and worthy of a read.

Read about the Pickleball chaos and pay cuts via CNBC

Andre Agassi feels the Mac Attack

As the Pickleball Slam 2 slowly approaches, Old mate John McEnroe is in the news again.  All he did this time was say he would kick Andre Agassi’s a$$ at the Pickleball Slam 2.  And that is newsworthy for the Bros because we love McEnroe.  Sorry, not sorry. 

The Pickleball Slam is set to take place on Feb 4, stay tuned.  It will be big.

Watch the Video of John McEnroe’s Pickleball Attack via Essentially Sports

Retired NFL Quarterback Dominating Pickleball

Nick Foles is a retired Superbowl-winning quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He has since moved onto Pickleball and he is dominating.  He just won two gold medals at the PPA Finals in San Clemente, California last week. 

His natural athleticism and size may help him dominate, but it also makes the Bros wonder how long until retired AFL or NRL players start to play Pickleball.  Retired tennis players are not the only ones who could make a splash in the Australian Pickleball leagues. 

Read the Retired NFL Quarterback Dominating pickleball via the Spun.   

Pickleball Health

Pickleball Boosts Seniors’ Mental Health

Sometimes you don’t need a doctor, you just need pickleball.  A North Carolina-based company that supports caregivers completed a survey of 1000 Americans on the impact of Pickleball on their mental well-being.  Nearly 70% of older adults reported reduced stress and anxiety after playing pickleball.  And half of the seniors surveyed said they value the sense of community while one in three experienced enhanced cognition and increased self-esteem.

A fantastic article with some great results of why Pickleball is perfect for seniors (and all players).

Read Pickleball Boosts Seniors Mental Health via the NY Post

Why Pickleball Players Need to Add Squats to their Workouts

Pickleball may be played on a small court, and you may move less, but there is one exercise that is recommended to improve performance on the court.  Yes, that exercise is Squats.  Adding squats to any workout can help improve power, reduce injury and improve speed and cardiovascular endurance. 

All squats variations are great but the split squat is recommended for Pickleball players at all levels.  Follow the link for details on how to perform the squat along with other details.   

Check out the Pickleball Players Add Squats to their Workouts article via Muscle and Fitness

Final Thoughts

As the Bros fade into the distance, listening to their fave Christmas tunes (Honkey Tonk Christmas FYI), that’s a wrap.  Have a fantastic Christmas and see you all soon.  We will be back next year with the latest Pickleball News. Delivered weekly with love.

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