Pickleball History, Injuries and the Pickleball Voter


The Aussie Pickleball Bros report the Pickleball News. That includes an Aussie Team winning Big in Asia, the Profitability of Pickleball, and the rise of “the Pickleball Voter”. Find it all here, in one handy post made to captivate and elevate the game of Pickleball. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

Aussie Pickleball Team Win Big in Asia

Local players get hooked on Pickleball and win in the 2023 Asia Pickleball Open.  With over 350 players from 19 countries, Ty Yturralde won the 35+ Mens doubles.  He was one of 8 pickleball players representing Australia.  Fantastic result and a great article on the tournament and the make-up of the players that are competing.  Unsurprisingly, 80-85% of the Pro’s have a strong tennis background. Read the article here:

Global Pickleball News

An Oral History of the Biggest Pickleball Party in the World

A great entrepreneurial story on two women and their vision to “create the biggest event in sport”.  This idea evolved into the US Open Pickleball Championship, and the founders give an interesting recount and oral history starting back in 2016.  From a little park in Naples Florida to a 64-court facility with 3000 players competing in what is described as “the absolute pinnacle event on the amateur pickleball calendar each year”.  Worthy of a read.

Aussie Pickleball News - US Pickleball Championship - the biggest party in the world
New players Beware – Ease Into Pickleball or Risk an injury

Pickleball injuries are not new, but it seems like injuries are on the rise.  As new players pick up the sport and spend hours on the court, it can cause some injuries.  Warm-ups and warm-downs are recommended, and having fun is required.  Just be careful friends.  We’re not all as young as we think we are! Read about the rise in pickleball injuries here.

Pickleball Data

The profitability of Pickleball

Bill Schmick is a retired investor and he looks at pickleball through the lens of profitability and opportunity.  Get some interesting insights such as “profitability per square foot” of a pickleball court and what entrepreneurs are adding to facilities “in hopes of expanding the business potential of the sport”.  Data & stock market types will enjoy reading about the boom in pickleball

Pickleball Insanity

Prepare for the “Pickleball Voter”

Chris Cillizza is a political writer, and in his new book “Power Players: Sports, Politics and the American Presidency”.  He wrote a whole section on a new demographic to be aware of called “The Pickleball Voter” – described as “Older, affluent folks”.  Will we see any presidential candidates on a pickleball court anytime soon to sure up this vital demographic?  It’s only a matter of time, my friends. Read the interesting article here.

Wichita, Kansas Building a $6 Million Pickleball Palace

The $6 million pickleball spending proposal by the Wichita City Hall is being described as “blindingly preposterous”.  When streets and bridges need attention, the homeless need support and existing structures need ongoing maintenance.  But a 24-court complex is in the works for Witchita City.  The writer is obviously not a pickleball lover – but the idea of a super complex does sound amazing. Read about it here.

City of Denver Bans Pickleball at Congress Park

The city of Denver has banned the construction of pickleball courts due to the “close proximity of residences that would result in consistent noise violations…” and they are “evaluating other suitable locations for pickleball courts”.  The decision was outlined in this post by the Denver Government.

And a great defense of the decision is found in The Denver Post. The writer suggests that the City of Denver set a precedent by “caving to the tyranny of a tiny wealthy minority at the expense of everyone else.“ Reminds me of skateboarding in the 80s, how long before we use the slogan “pickle-balling is not a crime”? Read about the pickleball too noisy neighbours here.

Final Thoughts

A big week for pickleball news.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  For more Pickleball news, follow the Aussie Pickleball Bros on Twitter via the icon below. Or feel free to contact the Bros directly via this handy contact page.

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