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Read the latest Pickleball News on the “Pickleball Phenomenon”, a dietician’s tips on to Fuel your next Pickleball game and the Worlds Highest Pickleball Court. And of course, plenty more. Join the Aussie Pickleball Bros party right here. Pickel On!

Global Pickleball News

“Pickleball is Not a Fad, It’s a Phenomenon,” Says Major League Pickleball CEO

Major League Pickleball has a new CEO and COO. They intend on converting the 22.3 Million US pickleball players into fans of the MLP. With 24 teams franchises across different geographies, pickleball players are set to pick a team to support and follow the sport. Brand sponsorships continue to evolve with Toyota recently signing up.

The new MLP CEO and COO are targeting the “racquet sports universe”. Aiming to bring pickleball to other countries and build the sport and the league. Exciting times are ahead. Watch the great video via Yahoo Finance on the vision for Major League Pickleball to grow the sport.

Pickleball Fuel for Your Pickleball-Loving Body

Pickleball players need fuel for those short bursts of momentum on the court. You can play ok loaded up with hot wings and beers. But a Sports Nutritionist recommends suggests real fuel. For example, before a game a balanced meal like a vegetable omelet, salmon or light digestible calories like bananas are ideal. During play, plenty of fluids and possibly a sports drink. Afterward, healthy carbohydrates or even a protein shake are great. Read the details on What to Eat to Fuel your next pickleball session here.

Pickleball Eye Injuries on the Rise

Pickleball eye injuries are on the rise and are a little bit scary. It can take less than half a second for a pickleball to hit you at 40 MPH while positioned in the kitchen. The most likely injury in this scenario is “blunt trauma with possible orbital fractures or hyphemia.” Eye protection is vital when playing Pickleball, especially for players who are at higher risk for retinal detachment. Read all the details here on the rise of pickleball eye injuries.

Pickleball Injuries Set to Cost Hundreds of Millions in the Us in 2023

The demographic of pickleball players is wide and diverse. But the 22 million pickleball players in the US are estimated to cost between $250 million to $500 million this year. The numbers are astronomical. With an estimated 67,000 emergency department visits and 4,700 hospitalizations. Unfortunately, getting healthier for some will result in injuries. Interesting article on the Cost of Pickleball Injuries.

Pickleball Insanity

Pickleball in Hawaii? Yes Please.

Oh EM GEE. Imagine playing Pickleball in Hawaii on the Maui coast, surrounded by banana and avocado trees! Laurie Loney was introduced to Pickleball in the 1960s, known to her as “pukaball” and she was hooked. She has been playing for 50 years on a handmade asphalt court. In 2013, Loney’s husband made her a pickleball court on their Kula property. And now Loney is a coach in Maui, bringing people to her court and creating an amazing experience. This a great article about the Maui Pickleball Court via Hawaii magazine.


Celebrity Pickleball Sighting: Jlo and Ben Affleck Play Pickleball

Is this news? Not really, but Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck spent time on their 4th of July holiday playing pickleball. The pair were in the Hamptons, playing Pickleball against their kids. Can this power couple take pickleball to new heights? Not sure, but they may influence millions to play the game. Or they can just make a movie about it? Read the article here.

The World’s Highest Pickleball Court – 48 Floors High

Tower Club Dallas has unveiled its new “pickleball in the sky” court on the 48th floor. This is officially, the world’s highest pickleball court. Spectacular views from the Kitchen, with coffee and tea provided…. the courts can be rented for $45 USD per person per hour. Impress your Pickleball pals by renting this amazing court to play Pickleball in the sky.

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