Weekly Pickleball News | Pickleball in Mumbai and the Pickleball Rattlesnake

When the working day is done, the Aussie Pickleball Bros, they want to have fun. And they do that by reporting the latest Pickleball news from around the GLOBE. This week we have a look at a “landmark” Pickleball Event in Mumbai and Pickleball Rattlesnakes. And we learn How much a Pickleball Pro Earns and we introduce the Pickleball Mini-Dress and much more.

Another big Post with the latest and greatest pickleball news. Get it while it’s HOT….. courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

Ipswitch “have a crack” at Pickleball

The people of Ipswitch, in South East Queensland, are giving Pickleball a go. The Ipswitch Indoor Sports Centre has decided to “have a crack at” pickleball. Its popularity in the States was a deciding factor for the Sport, and it has since increased to two nights a week at the Centre. I say this every week, but it’s always great to see Pickleball get picked up in new parts of Australia.

Read how Pickleball makes Ipswitch debut right here.

Global Pickleball News

How Much Money Do Pickleball Pros Earn?

Pickleball may be the fastest-growing sport in the US, but that doesn’t translate into players’ salaries. The top players take home more than $1 million a year through appearance fees, prize money and sponsorships. But for many, it’s not an easy way to make a living.

Read How much you can earn playing pickleball via CBS News here.

Pickleball Goes Global in Mumbai in “Landmark Event”

The inaugural Ultimate Pickleball Championship is scheduled to take place in Mumbai from September 29 to October 1 2023. Teams from China, Singapore, Nepal and others will battle it out. The tournament intends to raise the profile of Pickleball across all of these nations, and is set to “be a landmark event for the growth of the sport in India”. This is fantastic news for the Global growth of the game.

Check out the Ultimate Pickleball Championships here.

Amputee addicted to Pickleball – Wears out his carbon-fiber foot

Buddy Hall lost his leg in a tree-grinding accident in 1998. And 25 years later, this Tampa Florida resident plays pickleball every day, sometimes twice a day. After his accident, he played various sports and finally played pickleball and was hooked. And we have to mention, he has to replace his carbon fiber foot every 6-10 months, even though it has a 3-year guarantee. So you could imagine the level of pickleball playing coming from the man. Amazing story!

Read about the Tampa Amputee addicted to Pickleball here via ABC news

Pickleball Fun

Pickleball Mini-Dress… Ohh-La-laa

Not really Pickleball News, but an amusing observation. Designer clothes are now adding the word “pickleball” to outfits that are “designed with athletic activities in mind.” I’ll defer to the ladies that play pickleball, and they can tell me if that orange ensemble would help or hinder their pickleball game. And I wonder how many paddles that sports bag can hold…

Take a look at the Pickleball Mini Dress here via Net-A-Porter.

Pickleball Insanity

Rattlesnakes on a Plane Pickleball Court

In Littleton, Colarado, the scorching hot brings out all types of critters. In this example, the critter was a Rattlesnake. And he appeared on a pickleball court while some local pickle ballers were playing a game. Sure, it slithered away eventually but these brave souls continued playing, with the rattlesnake nearby. Brave or Insane? Either/Or.

Watch the news report on the Pickleball Rattlesnake in the linked video.

Final Thoughts

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