Pickleball Heart Attacks, Picklemalls and Fred Savage Wins Gold


The latest and greatest in Pickleball News, from Pickleball Heart Attack survivors, Jamie Foxx out of hospital and playing Pickleball, and Pickleball in the Mall. All that and much more, via the Aussie Pickleball Bros, Read it all and tell your friends, Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

Noosa Council Building New Pickleball Courts

The Noosa Pickleball Club recently had its 5th annual pickleball tournament. 177 players from all over Australia were in Noosa for the competition. Meanwhile, the Noosa council has recognized the increased popularity of the sport and is building two new indoor courts. This is great news. Maybe a Noosa-based pickleball adventure is on the cards? Read about the big future for pickleball here.

Regional Pickleball Tournament in Taree NSW

A great regional news story from Taree. This regional town has repurposed 9 tennis courts to host a pickleball tournament. The sport is getting bigger, with most of the contestants aged over 50. From humble beginnings 4 years ago with only 6 players, this year’s tournament boasts over 140 contestants. Pickleball grassroots teams and tournaments are always fantastic to watch. Read about the regional doubles pickleball tournament here.

Global Pickleball News

Pickleball Heart Attack Survivor

An Arizona man started his day playing pickleball when he suffered chest pains and had a heart attack. It wasn’t just any heart attack, it was a “widowmaker”, named for its low survival rate.

The man is lucky to be alive thanks to the quick actions of the pickleball staff. Of course, the man is excited to get back into pickleball when cleared to do so. Not even a heart attack can stop this man from playing pickleball! A video of the incident can be found via the link.

Jamie Foxx, Out of Hospital and On the Pickleball Court

Jamie Foxx is no stranger to pickleball. He released his own paddle called “the best paddle” in 2022. Since his recent hospitalization, there were fears that he wasn’t doing well. Seems like he’s A-OK, because he’s back on the pickleball court. as reported by the LA Times. Great to hear he is doing well. Is there anything Pickleball can’t fix? Read about Jamie Foxx’s pickleball recuperation here.

Pickleball at the Mall

Arizona is exploding with interest in Pickleball. A new concept has emerged called a “Picklemall”. An Arizona Mills shopping mall will repurpose large retail spaces into Pickleball courts.

Aussie pickleball news - pickleball at the mall is a new concept

The first Picklemall is a 104,000-square-foot space, perfect for 24 pickleball courts. This is likely the first of many Picklemalls which is a fantastic idea. Imagine going to a mall, doing some shopping, getting a coffee, and squeezing in a couple of games of pickleball! Read about pickleball at the mall right here.

Pickleball Insanity

48 Games in 48 States in 48 Days – This Man is Insane

Dean Matt, an Illinois man is trying to set a world record, that obviously doesn’t exist yet, but anyway… He is looking to play 48 games in 48 states in 48 days. But how will he do it? Well, he is a pilot and has his own plane, which makes life a little easier. While on his journey, he is raising money for charities. And he will be documenting the rising popularity of pickleball via his pickleball challenge blog. These are all great causes. Good luck Mr.Matt. Read about his pickleball world record here.

Aussie pickleball news - 48 games in 48 states - an amazing world record attempt
The Pickleball Years – Starring Fred Savage.

The American Riviera Classic Pickleball tournament in Santa Barbara had a star-studded cast. The doubles teams featured local resident Kenny Loggins who was “footloose” on the Pickleball court. And Wonder Years star Fred Savage won a gold medal. Kevin Arnold didn’t marry Winnie Cooper, but old Fred Savage did win the gold in pickleball. Queue the Joe Cocker theme song… Read about Fred Savage winning the gold medal here.

Final Thoughts

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