Pickleball Crazed Travellers, Cruise Ships, and Pickleball lands in China

The latest Pickleball News is right here. Including a National Pickleball League in Australia, Pickleball Diehards playing on Vacation, and Pickleball lands in China! And of course, plenty more. Join the Aussie Pickleball Bros for the best and brightest news.

Australian Pickleball News

The National Pickleball League is GO!

Australian players get ready, a National Pickleball League (NPL) is on its way. State-based leagues in Melbourne, Sydney, and Gold Coast will compete. All in a battle to become the ultimate NPL Champion. There are Pickleball Tiers and even a Social league, and prize money is involved. Exciting stuff and it is sure to get many players involved. This may also include the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Stay tuned and sign up if interested via the NPL Pickleball site.

Global Pickleball News

Pickleball Diehards Vacation to play Pickleball

There are an estimated 8.9 million playing Pickleball in the US. It’s no wonder that “Pickleball Crazed Travellers” exist. And they want to play pickleball while on vacation. This new vacationing demographic are called “Picklers”. They are making travel decisions based on court availability around the world.

Top companies are catering to the picklers and their pickleball needs. This includes cruise liners with pickleball tournaments on board. What could be better? It seems like Pickleball is important while on holiday. But the big question to answer is who retrieves the ball when it gets hit over the edge while on a cruise ship? The Pickleball Diehards is a great article via the WSJ.

It’s Official… The Top 15 Pickleball Brands are…

Like Highlander, there can only be ONE….. best pickleball brand. And here is a handy list with the alleged best Pickleball brand. And like any ranking list, you will read the article to see what is the number one brand. Well, let the Bros save you the trouble and tell you Selkirk is ranked number one. Agree? Disagree?  Read the full list via Yahoo Finance Top 15 pickleball companies and brands here.

Afghan Refugees Learn to Speak English & Play Pickleball

Pickleball is being used to welcome newcomers to the United States.  Afghan refugees in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota are playing pickleball to battle isolation and depression.  These refugees take part in field trips to learn new things, speak English, and play pickleball.  They hope to go back to Afghanistan one day. But it’s fantastic to introduce Pickleball to refugees and bring communities together with the sport.   A great story on Afghan refugees finding comfort in pickleball is found here.

Firefighters Play Pickleball to Maintain Fitness

When not saving lives, firefighters need to play pickleball too.  Firefighters in Weatherford, Texas are required to spend at least an hour a day exercising to maintain their fitness.  Well, one of the firefighters introduced pickleball to the station, And what do you think happened next? Well, now the firefighters are hooked!

Using donated paddles from Paddletek, the firefighters love to play.  And they appreciate the positive impact pickleball has on the wider community.  The Aussie Pickleball Bros Just hope the fire alarm doesn’t get ignored in the middle of a heated pickleball battle. Read the Firefighters find peace in Pickleball story here.

Pickleball Insanity

Walking Soccer VS Pickleball…. Really?

Every other week seems like there is a “new pickleball” to play.  This week it is called “Walking Soccer” where there is no running, no contact, and no shots or passing above the knee.  There are over 1000 clubs in the UK and a Walking World Cup is soon approaching.  Any sport is fantastic, especially for older players to get them moving.  But the Bros still think Pickleball will take some beating. The Move Over Pickleball story can be found right here.

Pastor FInds Pickleball and Helps Others Towards Jesus

Another reoccurring Pickleball story is where churches are being used to play pickleball.  And in this case, a pastor in Kentucky plays pickleball in his own church. As he develops friendships and relationships, he gets to introduce new people to his church.  Pickleball is now one more evangelistic tool at the disposal of Christians, and it has been great for the community.   Read the full Pastor Finds Pickleball story here.

Pickleball News-Cornith-Baptist-Pastor-Andrew-Dyer
Baptist Church Pastor Andrew Dyer – Playing when not Praying
Pickleball Lands in China

The Luxury sector in China is a huge business. New sports and fashions are being introduced to maybe be the next big thing in China. Last Summer, social media feeds were inundated with playing frisbee.  The fad was picked up but didn’t last.  Well, step aside frisbee players, here comes pickleball. 

Premium brands are lining up with Skechers already promoting the sport in China.  A “pickleball together” hashtag is being used to promote the sport and recruit new players to its pickleball league.  Great article on trends in China and how Pickleball fits into the market. Read the Pickleball China story here, it’s an interesting read.

Final Thoughts

There is never a shortage of stories on the rise and rise of pickleball. Thanks for joining the Aussie Pickleball Bros on their pickleball adventure. Follow the Bros on Twitter via the icon below. Or feel free to contact the Bros directly via this handy contact page.

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