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Hello, my Friends. The Bros have returned for another shake at the week of Global Pickleball News. This week, we take a Bowling Greens Converted to Pickleball Courts in NSW, Pickleball Courts being reverted to Tennis Courts in Denver. And we look at an amazing story about Pickleball Benefits for Battling Parkinsons in NSW.

It’s all here so let’s kick it in with the latest and greatest Pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

Bowling Greens to be Converted to Pickleball Courts in NSW

Canterbury League Club in Sydney is looking to convert a bowling green into eight pickleball courts. The Bros have reported at length about Tennis Courts being converted into Pickleball courts. But converting a bowling green is new. This is an amazing way to cross over and get more people playing pickleball. Only if more Bowling greens would convert just one green….

Imagine night Bowls during summer AND night Pickleball alongside it. Get a cheap snag, pint and pickle on. How cool is that?

Read the Bowling Green to Pickleball Court story here, via 9News.

Pickleball Paddles Now Available from… BBQs Galore?

This is not a story, more a discovery that the Bros found you can buy Pickleball Paddles from BBQs Galore. The Bros do wonder where the paddles will be found in store, next to the heat beads or wood-fired ovens?

Anyway, these paddles are available online only, and they are in the “Outdoor Play Equipment”. So that makes sense. We guess. And the Bros endorse anything BBQ-related, so feel free to browse the Paddle selection at your local BBQs Galore.

Take a look at the Pickleball Paddle available at BBQs Galore here.

Global Pickleball News

Noise Complaints Close Down Pickleball Court in Denver

Some really sad news in the world of pickleball. Four outdoor pickleball courts have been closed down due to noise complaints in Denver. The Pickleball courts were shut down and will be turned back into tennis courts. Local Pickleball players were shocked by the announcement,

The Outdoor court consistently broke the outdoor noise limit of 55 decibels. And POP of Pickleball playing is usually reported at 75 decibels. There are mitigation solutions on the cards, with one being new paddle standards from USA Pickleball that will reduce the sound by 50%.

Unfortunately, this may not be the first or last pickleball court shut down because of noise complaints. Really sad news and hopefully, they can get Outdoor pickleball back in the city of Denver.

Read about the Denver Pickleball Court Closing amid Noise Complaints here.

Lil’ Wayne joins Texas Ranchers as Investor and Strategic Advisor in MLP

More celebs signing up to invest in Pickleball. This time we have Lil Wayne, an American Rapper, singer, and songwriter who is now part owner of the Texas Ranchers. He will serve as a “Strategic Advisor” to provide creative direction for the Texas Ranchers brand and development of future apparel collaborations.

It’s interesting that another celebrity will endorse and work to promote Pickleball. But with so many celebrities crowding around Pickleball, the Bros do wonder if it will hurt or hinder these teams. Anyway, we will take it as a positive, as Lil Wayne may write a rap song about Pickleball. Snoop did write a song about Menu Log after all. So anything is possible.

Read Lil Wayne joins Pickleball Team via Yahoo News.

Pickleball Health

Pickleball Benefits for Battling Parkinsons

Marina is a passionate Pickleball player with Parkinsons Disease. When she was first diagnosed she was struggling to walk. After picking up Pickleball, she started moving again and now plays four to six times a week. Marina now competes in tournaments and has won various Bronze and Silver medals in the NSW Pickleball Championships.

What a fantastic story on the health benefits of Pickleball. Particularly for people with degenerative diseases. A great story about Pickleball Benefits for Parkinson’s that is really worth reading, via the Parkinson’s NSW website.

Pickleball Celebrities

Katy Perry Pickleball Charity Kicks Off

Katy Perry kicked off her inaugural fundraising pickleball tournament on October 22nd. Perry hosted the tournament in Santa Barbara, California. And a bunch of celebs played, including Meghan Trainor, Rob Lowe, Kate Hudson and her partner Orlando Bloom. All proceeds went to the Fireworks Foundation which helps children from “underserved communities”. The tournament was a success and the video looks like it was great fun.

Take a look at the story and video of the Katy Perry Pickleball Tournament here.

Matthew Perry found dead after 2 hour Pickleball game

Some really sad news, that Friends star Matthew Perry was found dead in his jacuzzi. Perry was involved in a 2 hour pickleball game, and was found unresponsive afterwards. Friends was a big show when the Bros were young lads, and Matthew Perry was a favourite.

Some details can be found on Matthew Perry found Dead here via Yahoo News.

Final Thoughts

And here we are, all done and ready to go home, We will see you all next week, as we report the latest and greatest in Pickleball news, Delivered weekly with love.

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