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Christmas is rapidly approaching! Luckily the Bros have found time to escape their Christmas shopping duties to bring you the latest News.  This week we take a look at how Pickleball is officially a Blimpworthy sport and Why Badminton set to be the hottest sport in 2024.  And has the Office Christmas Party being replaced with Pickleball and Guac.

That’s right, some great stuff so let’s do this.  Please read on for the latest and greatest Pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!


Global Pickleball News

Pickleball is now a “BlimpWorthy” Sport

For more than 65 years, the good year blimp would appear at the greatest sporting events.  For the first time, on Sunday December 3 the Goodyear Blimp appeared at the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) tour finals.  Officially making Pickleball “blimp worthy”. 

The appearance of the Goodyear Blimp is a symbol that Pickleball is entering the ranks of other professional sports.  Great news for us Pickleballers.

Read about Pickleball Blimpworthy Sport via Marketscreener.com

Badminton the Hottest Sport in 2024?

The latest trend according to this article is “old money style.”  Where using “dupe culture”, people roleplay as a member of the super rich.  This is trending on Social media, where dressing and pretending to like Old Money is a thing. And Badminton is a symbol wealth, land, memberships and taste.  And “Basically, all things that can’t be bought, only inherited”. 

Badminton is easy to play, but playing for fashion and social media is a bit silly. Play for fun, and everything else is secondary. And there is no way Badminton will be the hottest sport of 2024.

Read Move Over Pickleball article here via BodyandSoul.com

Office Christmas Party Replaced with Pickleball and Guac

As the times change, so do Christmas parties.  In an attempt to be more inclusive of different cultures and people’s tastes, a new concept has arrived.  Christmas themed party and drinks are being replaced with Pickleball and Guacamole making.  Start Ups in the Bay Area are opting for non-traditional parties with no trees, tinsel or alcohol. 

Sure, a boozy Christmas party is always a great time, but there is value in a fun non-alcoholic event.  An interesting idea but it may just be a fad amongst the Bay Area start ups.

Read the Christmas Party Replaced Pickleball Guac story via FinancialPost.com

Pickleball Retirement Questions Answered

A great article on why Pickleball might be your answer to retirement.  Rather than retiring from everything, most people look to transition to something.  A new focus that doesn’t revolve around working.  And that is where Pickleball comes into the picture.

New retires are being called “The Pickleball Generation”. And there are four reasons why it’s taken off for the over 55’s. It’s active, it’s doable, it’s social and its fun.  This list is discussed in detail and it is called a “Post Retirement Blueprint”.  And in retirement, you focus less on feeding your family and focus more of feeding your inspiration.

Nice article, with some great points on retirement.  Read Pickleball Retirement questions Answered via Inc.com

Pickleball Celebrities

Pickleball Black Eye for Scarface Actress

The Bros have come into a few close calls on the court, when dodging high velocity balls in the kitchen.  And Scarface Celeb, Michelle Pfeiffer…. Bruised her face playing pickleball recently.  The 65 year old actress gave a warning to ‘Stay out of the Kitchen!!’  The Bros look forward to other Pickleball injuries from Celebrities. And the potential endorsements and infomercials that may come from them.

The Michelle Pfeiffer Pickleball Black Eye article via Daily Mail Online

Eva Longoria Jokes that “Pickleball is for Geriatric People”

Not Nice, Mrs. Solis! Eva Longoria, Hollywood star of TV show Desperate Housewives recently discussed her athletic interest.  She isn’t a fan of the pickleball craze and joked that “Pickleball is for Geriatric people”.  She plays Padel and enjoys it because it is difficult to play and it uses a tennis ball.  Not a plastic ball. 

Longoria believes that Padel craze will pick up in the US.  And although she does besmirch the good name of pickleball players, the Bros included her in the news because as young lads, we enjoyed Eva Longoria as Mrs.Solis in Desperate Housewives. Don’t judge us. And we will leave that one there folks.

Read the Longoria Pickleball Geriatric article via Yahoo.com

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap.  We hope you enjoyed the Christmas Theme, and feel free to check out our story on LED Christmas Pickleballs from last week. We will see you all next week, as we report the latest and greatest in Pickleball news, Delivered weekly with love.

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