Pickleball Battles, Golf Brands and Car Sponsorships

Pickleball News, Hot off the Press. Headlines include more Major League Pickleball Sponsorships, Elon Musk warns of the Pickleball Threat and the Benefits of Pickleball to mental well-being. It’s all here, please read it responsibly. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

Benalla Battle of the Border Pickleball Tournament

The Pickleball craze continues to grow in regional parts of Australia. As reported In the Shepparton News, Benalla has a Battle of the Border Pickleball Tournament. The best players of NSW and Victoria battle it out on June 10 and June 11.  Always great to see pickleball reaching regional Australia. Read about the Pickleball Craze taking off in Benalla here.

Global Pickleball News

Golf Brands Sponsoring Major League Pickleball

Imperial has been named “The official licensed headwear of Major League Pickleball”.  What makes this interesting is, Imperial is the #1 headwear brand in golf.  The Imperial CEO Todd Johnson said “We’re in total support of the huge growth this sport has seen in recent years. The Imperial brand is for everybody, and we look forward to integrating the Imperial brand into the fabric of pickleball.” 

Interesting crossover between golf and pickleball. How many other sports-specific brands will also sponsor pickleball? Read the Imperial Sports official licensed Pickleball headwear press release here. And hats are already available on the Imperial Sports Major League Pickleball link.

Oh, What a Feeling… MLP Has Its First Automotive Partner

Toyota has signed a partnership with Major League Pickleball to be the first exclusive and official automotive partner of the MLP.  This deal was completed for an undisclosed sum, and the deal is set to help promote the Toyota Prius.  This means Toyota courtside branding and Toyota will be the official sponsor of the Dreambreaker – MLP’s tiebreaker format. More and more companies are jumping on board the Pickleball train. Choo Choo. Read the complete press release via the MLP website announcement.

Elon warns of Pickleball Threat…

If Elon says it, does it make it so?  In part of a thread with Twitter user Farzad Mesbahi, Elon gave the Tesla fan some tough love.  And the truth about pickleball and tennis. 


Case closed – nothing else to see here folks. 

MLP on ESPN2 for 2023

Some great news for Pickleball viewers at home.  The MLP has announced that ESPN2 has secured exclusive rights for the upcoming Season One Premier Level Super Finals on Monday June 19.  They also have the Season Two finals scheduled to start on December 12. 

The Super Finals will crown the season champion for both Premier and Challenger Levels.  For Finals Times, visit the MLP page with dates and times here. And be sure to subscribe to the Major League Pickleball YouTube page to view the Super Finals there if you don’t have ESPN2.

Pickleball Insanity

Pickleball Helps With Alcoholism, Drug Addition and Anxiety

Nothing insane here, more of an interesting article on the positive impacts of pickleball on economies, fundraising, and mental health.  DuPerier is a pickleball instructor on a mission to “get folks off the couch”.  Great article on self-improvement and playing pickleball can literally, save lives.  Great read via djournal site.

Adult Kickball the New Pickleball?

An interesting piece of news, “adult kickball leagues are everywhere”. With 395 million views on TikTok, it seems like the sport most people play as kids, is picking up steam in popularity.  But kickball the new pickleball?  Seriously? The Picklebros aren’t so sure about that one 🙂

Final Thoughts

Some great stories of the rise and rise of pickleball. Thanks for joining the Aussie Pickleball Bros on their pickleball adventure. Follow the Bros on Twitter via the icon below. Or feel free to contact the Bros directly via this handy contact page.

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