Weekly Pickleball News | NPL Launch and Pickleball Reality TV Show

The Bros are back with the latest episode of the Weekly Pickleball News Round-Up. This week we cover a stack of Australian Pickleball News. We look at the National Pickleball League Launch and Boutique Pickleball Paddles from Down Under. And let’s not forget a New Pickleball Reality TV show along with a Pickleball Eraser. Yes, Interesting, and worth taking a look at. For real.

Another huge week, stay up to date with the latest and greatest pickleball news. Hand signed, sealed, and delivered by the Bros you know, the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

National Pickleball League Launches March 2024

The Bros came across the NPL press release for the National Pickleball League (NPL) in Australia. Launching in March 2024, the best 132 players across 24 teams in 3 states will battle it out to be the NPL Champions. This is really exciting and look forward to more news on this.

Read the National Pickleball League Press Release here.

Pickleball Sets Hit K-Mart for $25- Cheeeeep

OK, these sets are completely sold out. But interesting that K-Mart has a cheap family pickleball set for sale. And they are all gone. The Bros hope these are back in stock soon because we vow, every living relative will get one for Christmas to replace their totem tennis sets. You can do the same, Aussie friends! All for a measly $25 for a paddle, ball, and net set. Does it get any better?

Take a look at the K-Mart Pickleball Set here.

Port Douglas Cyclone Shelter used for Pickleball?

A great story from Port Douglas, where Pickleball is being played by locals at a Cyclone Shelter. Liz Kendall, Chief Pickleball promoter had to move their local Pickleball facilities. And they found a great cyclone shelter to play in. Pickleball cannot be stopped, and locals are loving it. Great article and always nice to see Pickleball being played all over Australia.

Read the Locals Flock to Pickleball story here.

Boutique Australian Pickleball Paddles – Pickle Athletic launches

Pickles Athletic is Australia’s first “boutique” pickleball equipment company. The company was founded by two Sydney-based best friends. The beginner’s paddles are available in 4 colors at $90 AUD each. The designs look great with a 1999 iMac color scheme. And the founders are trying to take this Global. These could be great beginner paddles for all players.


Read the article about Pickles Athletic Pickleball Australia Vibrant Paddles via SmartCompany. Or go straight to the source to check out the new paddles via the Pickles Athletic website.

Global Pickleball News

Retired NHL Champs playing Pickleball

PBX Pickleball is an organization co-founded by former NHL player Paul Holmgren. He is rounding up retired NHL players to play pickleball. They include four Stanley Cup champions (Kris Draper, Patrick Sharp, Fredrik Modin, and Dave Bolland. And they have all signed on with PBX Pickleball

The interesting part is, the organization aims to let amateur players compete against these NHL players. And PBX Pickleball is looking to recruit the best personalities from various sports. The list includes hockey, baseball, football, and basketball.

We already have retired tennis players like McEnroe and Agassi playing pickleball. Imagine retired sports stars from across the world joining the cause. Will Pickleball be the one sport to unite all sports? Pretty cool!

Read about Retired NHL players playing Pickleball here.

Pickleball “Racket Wear” – fashion to whack things in

Pickleball fashion is a thing. And unlike tennis, Pickleball is not restricted by stiff rules of what you can and cannot wear on the court.

That is why fashion labels are stepping in to bridge the gap. I’m not sure a “pickleball strapless dress” or an off-the-shoulder ensemble would be very functional on the court. But there are huge opportunities for cool pickleball fashion that align with the sport’s values – being fun and social.

Check out the Pickleball Sportswear Trend here. Or take a look at some Pickleball fashion here.

Pickleball Insanity

Pickleball Reality TV Show?… The Tribe has Spoken

Are you the Next Pickleball Pro? Casting has started for Pickleball Paddle Battle, a Pickleball reality TV show to start filming in September. 4 Dreams will come true, hosted by a Bachelor (a Hunk from season 26), this show will be sure to have drama on and off the court. This could be a disaster or pretty fun. Or both? Stay tuned for this one folks.

Take a look at the Pickleball Paddle Battle website here.

Pickleball Products

Introducing….The Pickleball Eraser

New Product Alert: We haven’t seen this before, a pickleball eraser. Used to erase smudges and marks from your pickleball paddles. Anything that can prolong the life of your fave paddle is a good thing. And the demos on the site look great.

Take a look at the Pickleball Eraser site here.

Final Thoughts

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