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Read the latest Pickleball News on the Pickleball Slam 2 Announcement. McEnroe and Agassi are back with new partners in a Mixed Pickleball doubles match. And read about the Pickleball-loving Golden Bachelor and a Pickleball Hunger Strike. What the? Read it all here in the Weekly Pickleball News. Brought to you, with love… by the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

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Pickleball Slam 2 is ON – McEnroe/Sharapova VS Agassi/Graf for $1 Million

Serial complainer and Pickleball Hater John McEnroe is back! But this time he has a new partner – Maria Sharapova! And they are playing against husband and wife team Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. Get ready for the next Pickleball Slam scheduled for February 4 2024.

This Match should get a lot of press in the lead-up as McEnroe does his best to poo-poo the pickleball. But we should “Get ready to witness the electrifying sequel of the century, The Pickleball Slam 2”. But look at these stats:

  • Four World #1 Ranked and Multi-Slam Tennis Champions
  • With a Combined 42 Grand Slam Titles
  • Compete for $1 Million

Sounds pretty Juicy! And the match should be fun to watch. Stay tuned for this one.

Read the latest about McEnroe, Sharapova, Agassi & Graff competing for $ 1 million bucks.

Drake and Michael B. Jordan Invest in MPL Brooklyn Aces

Here we go! More Celebs are pouring cash into the Major Pickleball League. Drake and Michael B. Jordan are investing in the Brooklyn Aces Pickleball team. This is great news for the MPL and these celebs will no doubt raise the profile of Pickleball. And in other news, Drake fans rejoice, it’s only a matter of time before he drops a Pickleball Gangsta Rap song.

Read about Drake and Michael B.Jordan investing in Brooklyn Aces Pickleball Team

Pickleball Insanity

Golden Bachelor, Looking for Love On and Off the Pickleball Court

As programmed television dies a slow death, it decides to dust off an old concept and throw a new coat of paint on it. And that is what “The Golden Bachelor” is. 71-year-old Gerry Turner is looking for love. Specifically, he’s after a high-energy lady, “someone who maybe plays pickleball…”. Sounds great and good luck to Gerry. Now the question is will the Golden Bachelor have a pickleball date? And if he does, what Pickleball team/brand/sponsor will be there to promote the sport?

Let’s see, but the Pickleball Lovin Golden Bachelor premieres on ABC later this year.


Pickleball Hunger Strike in Canada

Only in Canada? A Canadian man has threatened to go on a hunger strike over noisy pickleball courts. Living just 10 meters from the court, the constant THWACK of pickleball is relentless. Resulting mental health issues, leaving the man with anxiety. He describes the scenario as “living next to a gun range for 11 hours every day.” And he is demanding the City do something, or he will go on a hunger strike. Can a man’s hunger strike stop pickleball…. Not bloody likely.

Watch the video news report about the Pickleball Hunger Strike here.

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