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Dearly Beloved, The Bros have another BIG week of Global Pickleball News. This week we take a look at the MLP Gin Sponsorship in the US and the Gippsland Locals Winning big in the MPL Gesac Classic. And we take a little look at the Pacific Pro ’23 in Melbourne.

It’s all here so let’s kick it in with the latest and greatest Pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!


Australian Pickleball News

Gippsland Locals Win Gold in MPL Gesac Classic

If you know the Bros, we enjoy reporting on grassroots pickleball news.  And any regional website that reports on Pickleball Players will always get a guernsey in the weekly roundup.  This week we cast our eye to the MPL Gesac Classic which took place on September 23 and 24.  This amateur tournament had Christine Shingles and Nicole Bauer bring home a gold for Gippsland in the women’s doubles.  Amazing that Shingles only started playing a few months ago.  And Bauer won the Gold for Ladies singles. 

A great story for Pickleball players, regardless of experience to get out there and compete. 

Read about the Locals Land Awesome Pickleball Results via the Gippsland Times

Pacific Pro Melbourne ’23 is a Wrap.

The MLP Pacific Pro ’23 took place from Nov 3-5 in Heathmont, Victoria. The Bros went down to the comp to check out the MLP players in action. A Post is incoming on this one and Spoiler Alert, it was Sweeeeeeeeet.

Global Pickleball News

MLP Announces Botanist Islay Dry Gin as Official Gin Partner

Major League Pickleball Botanist Island Dry Gin has partnered in a multi-year deal making the league’s first official gin partnership.  The MLP has secured 17 brand partnerships, more than quadrupling last tears total.  This is great news as more sponsors pile into pickleball, there is more money to support the sport and the players. 

A Gin partnership is a smart idea, as gin is a popular drink at the moment.  And it is interesting what other brands will get involved with the MLP in the future,

Read the MLP Official Gin Announcement article here, via the MLP website.

Kings Birthday Honors for Pickleball Player in the UK

The Bros rarely cover Pickleball in the UK, so here is a great story about Elaine Shallcross.  This 68-year-old went to Thailand a decade ago and discovered Pickleball.  She brought it back to the UK and made it her mission to create a pickleball movement.  She introduced the sports to a local council and has seen it snowball throughout the north-west of the country. 

Elain also received a British Empire Medal in the King’s Birthday Honours earlier this year.  She was recognized for her tireless efforts in helping people and advancing the game of pickleball.  Maybe now King Charles might have a Royal Pickleball court installed at the palace…

A nice story on Pickleball Movement in the UK, via Alloa Advertiser.

Pints and Paddle – Technology-Driven Pickleball Bar

Pickleball is a unique sport, where players and promoters can be creative with where and how they build pickleball facilities.  The latest is a Pint & Paddle, a family-owned entertainment venue offering 10 pickleball courts, a sports bar with over 70 beer taps, live music and gourmet food. 

What makes the Pint and Paddle interesting is customers are in control as soon as they walk in.  Everything is self-service via phone, and customers can even pour their own drinks from the taps.  That could be dangerous with 70 beers on tap, but a technology-driven pickleball bar sounds like a great new experience that could be exported to other countries.

Read about the Pint and Paddle via the fsrmagazine website.

Pickleball Insanity

Pickleball Pop Pop to Drive Down Property Prices

Recently, the Bros told you about Pickleball Courts raising the value of property.  Now it seems like the Pop-Pop of Pickleball will drive down property prices.  Probably depends on the neighborhood, but funny to notice the chief architect of complaints in this story, has a pickleball court in her own backyard.  Anyway, one day, we will have quieter paddles and the world will get over the Pickleball Pops.  One day…

Read the article on Pickleball Property Prices via Moneywise

Pickleball Playing Nurse Saves the Day

A scary story, where a 53-year-old Arizona Pickleball player started his game of the day and after three swings, had a cardiac arrest.  Luckily, an off-duty nurse was playing and saved the day.  The man had no pulse, and the Nurse gave the man 100 chest compressions which saved his life.

Read all the details on the Pickleball Nurse Saves the Day via Yahoo

Final Thoughts

And here we go, another week of top-notch news.  We will see you all next week, as we report the latest and greatest in Pickleball news, Delivered weekly with love.

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