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The Pickleball News DOES NOT STOP. And the Aussie Pickleball Bros are here with the latest weekly news roundup from across the Globe. This week we have a look at the Pickleball Bobbleheads and Boozy Pickleball Experiences. And we try to understand Why Do Tennis Players hate Pickleball and much more.

Another big Post with the latest and greatest pickleball news. Grand Sale, Grand Sale…. courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

The Future of Pickleball in Australia – John Gill Interview

John Gill is an Australian that is an ex-world champ in martial arts. He is a coach and part of the World Pickleball Association. The interview has a few interesting sections. Such as his martial arts skills being applied to Pickleball (hand speed and mental toughness). And he discusses the state of Pickleball in Australia, the WPA looking to expand to Eurpoe and Asia. And the big one, getting Pickleball included in the Brisbane Olympic games in 2032.

He also mentions the PPA bringing Pro events to Australia within 2 years, which sounds amazing.

Watch this Video on the Pickleball Explosion in Australia Via Selkirk TV.

Pickleball Coming to Noosa

Our Australian story this week has local Pickleball in Noosa kicking off. A new sporting complex is opening up with two Pickleball Courts ready to go. The Noosa council announced a launch date of August 30th. Free introductory lessons are available. And this means there is another place to play Pickleball while you travel around Australia. Always great to see the sport grow in Oz.

Read the Training Our Youth Pickleball article here.

Global Pickleball News

Pickleball Slam 2 – Agassi Starts the Promo Train – Choo Choo

Pickleball Slam 2 – Agassi starts the Promo Train – Choo Choo Andre Agassi released a great promo video on Instagram to promote Pickleball Slam 2. The Tournament where Agassi and Steffi Graf will take on John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova on February 4. This Video is amusing, as nice guy Agassi channels his inner 1980s Wrestler to talk a little smack. Sure he’s smiling all through it, and Steffi Graf also makes an appearance.

And I look forward to the McEnroe response video, loaded with bleeped-out words and paddle throwing. It’s worth watching as this will only get more attention leading up to the big game.

Read the Pickleball Slam 2 Agassi Video here.

Inaugural Picklefest Kicks Off in New Orleans

Picklefest took place in New Orleans over the weekend of August 13. A free event for the public to support a charity and get involved in Pickleball. The festival brings together, music, food, mardi gras floats and 24 pickleball courts. And let’s not forget celebrity players like John McEnroe played a few games.

The Bros wonder how long before we get a Pickleball festival called “Picklestock”? Loaded with live music and pickleball. Pickle On Wayne! Pickle On Garth!

Check out the Inaugural Pickle-Fest Kicks Off in New Orleans here.

Pickleball Added to School Physical Education Curriculum in Florida

A non-profit sporting association started its “play pickleball” program at a local school in Florida. This kicked off a National Pickleball Day Celebration on August 8. This is a fantastic initiative, with 40 other South Florida public schools interested in the program.

Interestingly, the United States is ranked last in physical health among 38 developed countries. This is according to a survey by UNICEF. This statistic is a little scary. And maybe pickleball at school could help improve those numbers in the US and across the Globe.

Take a look at the Christian School that added Pickleball to its School Curriculum here.

Pickleball Fun

Pickleball Bobbleheads to Celebrate National Pickleball Day

Unknown to the Pickleball Bros, the United States has a “National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum”. And to celebrate National Pickleball Day, they unveiled the first Pickleball Bobbleheads. The first features “Kitchen the Pickleball Mascot” and the second is a “Pickleball Bobble”. Retailing at around $30 USD each, these are special edition items.

Read the article on the First Pickleball Bobbleheads via Yahoo here. Or order “Kitchen the Pickleball Mascot” or the “Pickleball Bobble” via these links.

Boozy Pickleball Experiences are Trending….Hiccup

Alcohol partnerships and experiences are bringing the social aspect of Pickleball to a whole new level. Hotels and Festivals are unveiling Pickleball events with branding from Veuve Cliquet and Grey Goose. Drink a “Pickleball Punch” served in a glass wrapped in a wristband koozie (stubby holder). This trend could introduce a whole new league of players, looking to socialise and play with a drink in hand. A great article worth a read.

Read about the Boozy Pickleball Experiences via Forbes right here.

Pickleball Insanity

Why Do Tennis Players Hate Pickleball?

The Canadien Open has been in full swing. And for some fun, tennis players have been asked “Why do tennis players hate pickleball?” Andy Murray amongst others answered. A bit of fun here, with the best response being from Casper Ruud saying Pickleball is “like a baby brother of tennis”.

Take a look at the Why Do Tennis Players Hate Pickleball right here.

Fastest Growing Sport Amongst Amateurs isn’t Pickleball?

Another day, another sport taking on Pickleball as the best new thing going. Strap in folks, this time we have Padel. It’s big in Europe and some South American countries. It has 71 national federations and it is aiming for inclusion in the 2032 Brisbane Olympics. Padel is seen as “another tennis spinoff” but at least it isn’t ridiculous like Teqball. An interesting article to see other sports like Pickleball doing well. But I think we know which one is going to the Olympics in 2032…right?

Take a look at the Fastest Growing Sport Amongst Amateurs isn’t Pickleball here.

Final Thoughts

The Aussie Pickleball Bros. are done for the week. Time to play some Pickleball. But rest assured, we will be back next week with Pickleball News from around the World. Delivered weekly with love.

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