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It’s another big news week for pickleball news. With pickleball events happening over the weekend, and with more to come, the party is just getting started. This week we take a look at the NPL Championships in Sydney. And the upcoming Pickleball Championships in Blacktown and the Virtual Pickleball Fest. And let’s not forget the oddities, like the Pickle Ranch and the latest 24/7 Pickleball TV channel.

Another BIG Post for your Pickleball lovers. Filled with the latest and greatest Pickleball news. Courtesy of the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Pickle On!

Australian Pickleball News

Blacktown Hosts Australian Pickleball Championships

The Bros missed this one in last week’s news round-up. But here we are, back announcing the Australian Pickleball Championships. It’s worth noting because 700 players registered to play, which is huge for NSW Pickleball players. If you missed this one, don’t worry. You can up on the matches via the Pickleball Australia Association Facebook page. There are some great matches to watch there.

Take a look at some of the Australian Pickleball Championships event details here.

NPL Championships in Sydney

As we warm down from the Australian Championships, we now warm up for the next thing, the National Pickleball League championships in Chatswood, Sydney. Free to play and Pets are allowed. Come down and catch some of the action from October 6th to 8th. Should be fun, competing in the event. We are spoilt with so many competitions, great stuff.

Register to compete in the event via the Pickleball Brackets site. And have a read of the National Pickleball Championships hosting announcement via the Blacktown City Council.

Virtual Pickleball Fest 2023

Save the date for October 12. The Virtual Picklefest is landing soon. Presented by Mumarama Pickleball and the Pickleball Australia Association (PAA). This event looks really cool. Loaded with 18+ hours of immersive content, with coaches, experts, and players, this event has an action-packed agenda. From unlocking mindset to peak performance, there is lots of interesting stuff in there. The complete agenda is available and looks great for players, coaches, or educators.

Register for the Virtual Pickleball Fest via the link.


Yeppoon Pickleball Festival Coming in July 2024

A little while ago, the Bros reported on a Yeppoon Pickleball Boom, and it seems like things have escalated ever since. A Pickleball festival aimed at beginners to pros has been announced from July 19, 2024. With 8 Pickleball courts available, the event promises to be the “year’s most prestigious Pickleball event.” Slot that one into the calendar, play some pickleball and explore the beautiful surroundings while you are there. Sounds great, stay tuned for more on this one.

Take a look at the upcoming Yeppoon Pickleball Festival.

Global Pickleball News

Texas Ranchers’ New Austin Pickle Ranch

The Austin Pickle Ranch is part of the new craze of converting spaces into pickleball courts. In this instance, eight new pickleball courts were built on top of a parking garage. The Grand Opening is scheduled for October 1. The Pickle Ranch was funded by the Texas Ranchers, a professional Pickleball Team. And why not convert unused spaces into Pickleball Courts? Some great images if you follow the link.

Take a look at the New Austin Pickle Ranch here.

Selkirk TV provides Singles Serving Strategies from Pro Catherine Parenteau

Pickleball Paddle maker Selkirk releases regular pickleball content. Jam-packed with coaching and various playing tips from professional players. It’s worth keeping an eye on their Selkirk TV, because their videos are very nice. This video, in particular, has Pickleball Pro Catherine Parenteau running through serving strategies. The Bros really need to improve their serving game so this video came at the right time. There are some great strategies in the video. Worth a look.

A great article with an informative video on Best Singles Pickleball Serving Strategies.

Pickleball TV, a 24/7 STreaming Channel to Launch

The Tennis Channel and the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Tour will launch a 24/7 Pickleball TV channel. PickleballTV will launch as a free, ad-supported channel. And the channel will eventually become a streaming live/video-on-demand service. The PPA is looking to “capitalize and expand upon the current pickleball explosion”. A 24/7 channel and partnership with the tennis channel sounds like a great idea. Although, the Tennis Channel isn’t available internationally without a VPN, but they do have a Tennis Channel YouTube page. So we can hope some of the content will filter through the YouTube channel.

Take a look at the story about the 24/7 Pickleball Streaming Network here.

Pickleball Celebrities

Ellen Releases Exclusive Pickleball Set.

Things are getting serious when TV hosts start releasing Pickleball Sets. And here we are, Ellen DeGeneres, from TV talk show Ellen has released a pricey Pickleball set. For $165.80 USD, you get 2 paddles, 2 balls, and a tote bag. The paddles look nice, but can fans of Ellen justify that hefty price tag? The paddle should at least have her face on it… Anyway, who is the next celebrity to release a pickleball set? The Bros could speculate but let’s wait and see.

Treat Yourself with overpriced Ellen Pickleball Sets, you deserve it.


Final Thoughts

Another week gone, and rest assured, we will be back again next week. Serving up the latest and greatest in Pickleball news, Delivered weekly with love.

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