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After a long, glorious summer break the Bros are back to report this week’s Pickleball news. Brought to you by your pals, the Aussie Pickleball Bros. We report the latest Pickleball news from around the GLOBE. This week we have a look at the Australian Open Party Court which has a Pickleball Vibe. We also take a look at Rooftop Pickleball in Melbourne and The Pickleball Spa is open for business. And much, much more. Let’s kick it in.

Australian Pickleball News

Australian Open Party Court is GO!

Tennis purists are unhappy about the latest addition to the Australian Open, “The Party Court“. With a Courtside bar and DJ, it’s the latest innovation for Oz Open Tennis. It is looking to inject some life into the “quiet please” approach of tennis. Tennis purists don’t like the party vibe, while some players aren’t happy because of the noise.

It looks like Tennis Australia is trying to modernize the game, introducing a pickleball party vibe. The new initiative looks to be popular with the punters and numbers are up this year. But can Pickleball out-party the Party Court? Let’s see.

Read the article Drinks and Tunes at the Party Court via the Age

Pickleball Growing at a Ridiculous Rate” on 3AW

Pickleball, described as a “Craze that turned into a sport” recently had a small slot on 3AW. Ron Shell, CEO of the National Pickleball League had a chat on 3AW to answer questions and discuss the rapid rate of growth of the sport. Some great points by Ron on the accessibility of the sport for all players, the interview is worth a listen.

And, the NPL has a “Summer on Rooftop at QT” pickleball competition until Feb 26 in Melbourne, which was mentioned in the interview. Details on the Summer on Rooftop at QT via the link.

Listen to Pickleball growing at a ridiculous rate on 3AW.com via the link.

Rooftop Pickleball Court in the Melbourne CBD Hotel

There is more Pickleball rooftop action in the Melbourne CBD at the Hilton. From January 12 to 28, hotel guests and the general public can pop in for a game at the Hilton on Little Queen Street. Enjoy a Monkey 47 gin on the rooftop lounge. And the “Sunset Sessions” are available from 5-7pm every night. Pop along for a Pickleball party.

Sounds great, and take a look at some details for the “Rooftop Pickleball Court” via the travelweekly.com website.

Global Pickleball News

The Pickleball Spa is Open for Business

Only in Canada, can dedicated pickleball players get a game even in sub-zero temperatures. The world’s first pickleball spa is a pop-up experience where you can play pickleball, take a cold plunge, ride a snowmobile, or jump in an outdoor hot tub. It’s not cheap but it’s happening in March. Pickleball in the snow could be lots of fun. BYO gloves and winter woolies.

Read the world’s first pickleball spa article via thrillist.com

Andre Agassi Picks Up the Tennis Racquet Again…

The Bros are not ashamed to love Andre Agassi. And we are thrilled he loves pickleball. The 53-year-old ex-tennis pro has been playing pickleball for 5 months and he recently picked up a tennis racquet for the first time in a long time. And his observations are fascinating.

“… I picked a tennis racquet the other day for the sake of it and I couldn’t believe how heavy it was. I couldn’t believe how long it was. And I couldn’t believe how far the person was on their side of the net. I couldn’t believe how fast the ball was coming and how much time I had. And then I couldn’t believe I hit the first five balls to the back fence.”

Some interesting insights from Agassi, particularly where pickleball is faster and more intimate because you are closer to your competitors. There are some other nice details on playing with his wife Steffi Graf, and their different playing styles in the link.

Read Agassi’s new passion for pickleball via menshealth.com.au

Final Thoughts

And there we go, the first dose of Pickleball News for the year. It’s good to be back and the Bros look forward to another BIG year of playing (and reporting on) Pickleball.

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