Aussie Pickleball News – Tequila, Nudism and Noise Pollution


Get the latest Pickleball News on the Major Pickleball League sponsorship announcement, the rise of Pickleball Teachers, and Pickleball in the nude. The Aussie Pickleball Bros cover all the latest News, Popularity, and Insanity right here.

Global Pickleball News

Major League Pickleball announces Dulce-Vida Tequila as the official tequila sponsor for the 2023 & 2024 Seasons

You know the sport is getting serious when it has an official tequila sponsor on board.  Any new sponsorship or endorsement is great news, and it brings the sponsor total to 12 for the MLP 2023 season.  Read more about the Dulce-Vida Tequila sponsorship here:

Australian Pickleball News

The Gold Coast Suns play Pickleball

A great video was discovered on the GoldCoast FC site, where the Suns are introduced to Pickleball by “Mike Newell” from East Coast Pickleball.  He believes that Pickleball in Australia is trending at a similar rate to the US.  This great video can be found here:

Aussie Pickleball News - Gold Coast Suns play Pickleball

Pickleball Data

Pickleball Teachers keep teaching

The Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR), a global organization of professional pickleball teachers reached 5000 members. A nice little stat can be found here:

Washington leading the way for Pickleball love

An interesting stat via Yelp, sees Washingtons’ interest in Pickleball increase by +275% from 2019-2022.  Pickleball was created by Washington residents, and it backs up the “fastest growing sport” tag. See for yourself here

Pickleball Insanity

Pickleball in the nude…

Nude pickleball is a thing.  Allegedly, “it feels better” and you play in a “G-rated” family-friendly environment.  And it is acknowledged, the health benefits are worth it with OR without clothes.  But you must bring sunblock… Read the nude news here.

Pickleball ain’t noise pollution

Pickleball Noise complaints are a thing.  The sound of hitting plastic balls is too loud, and some believe that pickleball courts should be located “on fields further away from homes”. Quietly read the news right here.

Final Thoughts

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