The 23 Craziest Pickleball News Stories for 2023

As the Bros look back at the Pickleball year that was, there has been no shortage of weird and wonderful Pickleball news in 2023. We can safely say there were some seriously crazy stories. Especially from the United States where Pickleball is HUGE and gets a lot of news coverage.

The Bros have hand-picked their favourite Pickleball News stories for 2023. Some are weird, amusing, disturbing, or all of the above. They are great conversation starters to have in your back pocket, ready for your next Pickleball shin-dig.

So please enjoy responsibly, the Craziest Pickleball News Stories of 2023.


Pickleball News 2023 (April-June)

1. Pickleball in the nude…

Nude pickleball is a thing.  Allegedly, “it feels better” and you play in a “G-rated” family-friendly environment.  And it is acknowledged, the health benefits are worth it with OR without clothes.  But you must bring sunblock… Read the nude news here.

2. Churches converting people to… Pickleball?

Community Church group set up a pickleball outreach ministry with worship services.  The minister speaks to visitors about Christ, the Church and Pickleball. You may even get to play a game inside a church… Amen. Read the full story here.

3. The Subway Pickleball Club Sandwich – Play Fresh

Subway sponsored the Pickleball Slam and unveiled the “Pickleball Club”. The perfect sandwich for the players who want to live and breathe and now eat pickleball. And of course, it comes with a new ingredient – thicker, crunchier dill pickles. How long before they release a “Pickleball Pickle”? Either way, the sandwich does sound good.


4. Prepare for the “Pickleball Voter”

Chris Cillizza is a political writer, and in his new book “Power Players: Sports, Politics and the American Presidency”.  He wrote a whole section on a new demographic to be aware of called “The Pickleball Voter” – described as “Older, affluent folks”.  Will we see any presidential candidates on a pickleball court anytime soon to lock in this vital demographic?  It’s only a matter of time, my friends. Read the interesting article here.

5. City of Denver Bans Pickleball at Congress Park

The city of Denver has banned the construction of pickleball courts due to the “close proximity of residences that would result in consistent noise violations…” and they are “evaluating other suitable locations for pickleball courts”.  The decision was outlined in this post by the Denver Government.

And a great defense of the decision is found in The Denver Post. The writer suggests that the City of Denver set a precedent by “caving to the tyranny of a tiny wealthy minority at the expense of everyone else.“ Reminds me of skateboarding in the 80s, how long before we use the slogan “pickle-balling is not a crime”? Read about the pickleball too noisy neighbours here.

6. 48 Games in 48 States in 48 Days – This Man is Insane

Dean Matt, an Illinois man is trying to set a world record, that obviously doesn’t exist yet, but anyway… He is looking to play 48 games in 48 states in 48 days. But how will he do it? Well, he is a pilot and has his own plane, which makes life a little easier. While on his journey, he is raising money for charities. And he will be documenting the rising popularity of pickleball via his pickleball challenge blog. These are all great causes. Good luck Mr.Matt. Read about his pickleball world record here.

7. The Pickleball Years – Starring Fred Savage

The American Riviera Classic Pickleball tournament in Santa Barbara had a star-studded cast. The doubles teams featured local resident Kenny Loggins who was “footloose” on the Pickleball court. And Wonder Years star Fred Savage won a gold medal. Kevin Arnold didn’t marry Winnie Cooper, but old mate Fred Savage did win the gold in pickleball. Queue the Joe Cocker theme song… Read about Fred Savage winning the gold medal here.

8. Pickleball Helps With Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and Anxiety

Nothing insane here, more of an interesting article on the positive impacts of pickleball on economies, fundraising, and mental health.  DuPerier is a pickleball instructor on a mission to “get folks off the couch”.  Great article on self-improvement and playing pickleball can literally, save lives.  Great read via djournal site.

9. Pastor Finds Pickleball and Helps Others Towards Jesus

Another recurring Pickleball story is where churches are being used to play pickleball.  And in this case, a pastor in Kentucky plays pickleball in his own church. As he develops friendships and relationships, he gets to introduce new people to his church.  Pickleball is now one more evangelistic tool at the disposal of Christians, and it has been great for the community.   Read the full Pastor Finds Pickleball story here.

Pickleball News 2023 (July-September)

10. Golden Bachelor, Looking for Love On and Off the Pickleball Court

As programmed television dies a slow death, it decides to dust off an old concept and throw a new coat of paint on it. And that is what “The Golden Bachelor” is. 71-year-old Gerry Turner is looking for love. Specifically, he’s after a high-energy lady, “someone who maybe plays pickleball…”. Sounds great and good luck to Gerry. Now the question is will the Golden Bachelor have a pickleball date? And if he does, what Pickleball team/brand/sponsor will be there to promote the sport?


Let’s see, but the Pickleball Lovin Golden Bachelor premieres on ABC later this year.

11. Pickleball Hunger Strike in Canada

Only in Canada? A Canadian man has threatened to go on a hunger strike over noisy pickleball courts. Living just 10 meters from the court, the constant THWACK of pickleball is relentless. Resulting in mental health issues, leaving the man with anxiety. He describes the scenario as “living next to a gun range for 11 hours every day.” And he is demanding the City do something, or he will go on a hunger strike. Can a man’s hunger strike stop pickleball…. Not bloody likely.

Watch the video news report about the Pickleball Hunger Strike here.

12. Pickleball Dating? Yes, there is a Website for that

OMGee. We had the Pickleball lovin’ Golden Bachelor, now we have a pickleball dating site. This is real, discovered through this article on So there is a pickleball dating app. For anyone looking for a soulmate or perfect pickleball partner. No swiping left or right, just connecting over the love of the game. It’s a great idea and looks to be a US-only site…. For now.

Take a look at the Pickleball Dating site, and please keep the Bros. posted if you find love through the site.

13. Boozy Pickleball Experiences are Trending… Hiccup

Alcohol partnerships and experiences are bringing the social aspect of Pickleball to a whole new level. Hotels and Festivals are unveiling Pickleball events with branding from Veuve Cliquet and Grey Goose. Drink a “Pickleball Punch” served in a glass wrapped in a wristband koozie (stubby holder). This trend could introduce a whole new league of players, looking to socialise and play with a drink in hand. A great article worth a read.

Read about the Boozy Pickleball Experiences via Forbes right here.

14. Rattlesnakes on a Plane Pickleball Court

In Littleton, Colorado, the scorching hot brings out all types of critters. In this example, the critter was a Rattlesnake. And he appeared on a pickleball court while some local pickle ballers were playing a game. Sure, it slithered away eventually but these brave souls continued playing, with the rattlesnake nearby. Brave or Insane? Probably both!

Watch the news report on the Pickleball Rattlesnake in the linked video.

15. Amputee addicted to Pickleball – Wears out his Carbon-Fiber Foot

Buddy Hall lost his leg in a tree-grinding accident in 1998. And 25 years later, this Tampa Florida resident plays pickleball every day, sometimes twice a day. After his accident, he played various sports and finally played pickleball and he was hooked. And we have to mention, he has to replace his carbon fiber foot every 6-10 months, even though it has a 3-year guarantee. So you could imagine the level of pickleball playing coming from the man. Amazing story!

Read about the Tampa Amputee addicted to Pickleball here via ABC news

16. Pickleball Pet Halloween Costumes

Is this really news? No. But it is cute, so the Bros will allow it. Target in the US has Pickleball Pet Costumes available for Halloween. They come with a ball in one paw and a paddle in the other. Show your friends that you love pickleball more than anyone. And let the neighbors in your street question your sanity this Halloween.


View the Pickleball Pet Halloween Costumes via Target here.

17. Pickleball Induced Labour for Pregnant Mother

We all know Pickleball can help many things. It’s great for your health, and mental well-being. And now it is a proven fact, that it helps induce labor. Shailene, a Florida woman tried everything to induce labor and nothing worked. Well, she played pickleball and when she tried an overhead smash… her water broke. This was all captured on video and uploaded for the world to see.

View the video of a Pickleball Induced Labour right here via Kidspot.

18. Luka Doncic Floating Pickleball Court

If Truck Bars aren’t your thing, this amazing image of Pickleball Paradise has been doing the rounds online. Take a look at a floating Pickleball court. It belongs to Luka Doncic, a professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks. The court is on Lake Bled, Slovenia. And it is glorious.


Follow the link to the Floating Pickleball Court here.

Pickleball News 2023 (October-December)

19. Pickleball Protestors Chained to Trees

Mollie McMahon has chained herself to a tree, to protest the development of pickleball courts in Travers Park, Idaho.  She is a long-time resident and doesn’t want to see 30-year Willow Trees destroyed for a pickleball facility.  The site location was selected for its open space and it is nearby to local schools and senior centers.

Relatives of Frank Tarvers, whom the park was named after were equally upset.  Their deceased family members had their ashes scattered at the park, under those big trees.  And they don’t want that resting place to be ruined. 

Interesting but sad story on Chained to a Tree pickleball protestors.

20. Pickleball Pop-Pop to Drive Property Prices Down-Down

Recently, the Bros told you about Pickleball Courts raising the value of property.  Now it seems like the Pop-Pop of Pickleball will drive down property prices.  Probably depends on the neighborhood, but funny to notice the chief architect of complaints in this story, has a pickleball court in her own backyard.  Anyway, one day, we will have quieter paddles and the world will get over the Pickleball Pops.  One day…

Read the article on Pickleball Property Prices via Moneywise

21. Pickleball Playing Nurse Saves the Day

A scary story, where a 53-year-old Arizona Pickleball player started his first game of the day and after three swings, had a cardiac arrest.  Luckily, an off-duty nurse was playing and saved the day.  The man had no pulse, and the Nurse gave the man 100 chest compressions which saved his life.

Read all the details on the Pickleball Nurse Saves the Day via Yahoo

22. Farmer Turns Manure Pit to Pickleball Court

Usually, the Bros will cover a story of converting a tennis court to a Pickleball court.  Well, in this extreme example, farmers in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania had a spare manure storage tank. The manure pit was unused for 12 years, and Arlin Benner decided it could be a great spot for a pickleball court.  It took a year to clean up and install the courts, and now local farmers drop by for a game. The court looks great too.  


Read about the Pickleball Manure Pit Conversion here via

23. Pickleball is now a “BlimpWorthy” Sport

For more than 65 years, the Good Year Blimp would appear at the greatest sporting events.  For the first time, on Sunday, December 3, the Goodyear Blimp appeared at the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) tour finals.  Officially making Pickleball “blimp worthy”. 

The appearance of the Goodyear Blimp is a symbol that Pickleball is entering the ranks of other professional sports.  Great news for us Pickleballers.

Read about Pickleball Blimpworthy Sport via

Final Thoughts

The Bros thank you, Dear Reader, for…. reading…. in 2023. Here’s to 2024, when the Bros will continue to cover their favorite sport. Pickleball. And all the energy and insanity that it brings. See you next year.

Pickle On!

The Aussie Pickleball Bros.

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