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Welcome to the Spinergy ZX-9 Paddle Review. The ZX-9 is the latest and greatest pickleball paddle from Pickleball Promotions. The ZX-9 is an Australian designed paddle, and it boasts the power of raw carbon and it provides absolute control for elite players. In this review, the Bros take the ZX-9 for a spin.

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Spinergy ZX-9: The Verdict

The ZX-9 is the best paddle in the Spinergy line so far. The premium design and materials make this a fantastic paddle for experienced players looking to try a new carbon paddle. The softer, longer grip and slimmer paddle face are all winners. And it’s also a perfect for beginners, who can easily grow into a carbon paddle as they level up their game.

The Bros had a great time reviewing the ZX-9 and look forward to playing many more games with this beauty. Give it a try, it’s highly recommended by the Bros.


  • Textured, raw carbon paddle for extra spin
  • Longer grip and paddle face
  • Sweet design and nice feel when playing
  • USAPA Approved


  • Higher price tag may not be ideal for cash-strapped beginners

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Spinergy ZX-9: Paddle Specs

The ZX-9 is similar in size and weight to the ZX-3, but it is a touch longer and slightly heavier in comparison. Let’s take a look at the specs:


The ZX-9 is aimed at more advanced players and is designed with premium quality materials and enhanced, longer grip.

  • Paddle Shape: Elongated
  • Core Material: T700 Raw Carbon Fibre Surface
  • Paddle Size: 41.9cm (L) x 19cm (W)
  • Core thickness: 16mm
  • Grip length: 5.3” (13.5cm)
  • Paddle Weight: 7.9oz (224g)
  • Thickness: 16mm
  • Price: $189

First Impressions: Look and Feel

The Bros were lucky enough to review the Spinergy ZX-1 and ZX-3 last year. If you want to take a look at some details on the Spinergy paddles and the Manufacturer Pickleball Promotions, take a look at that link.

The review was very positive and the Bros continue to use the ZX-3 and ZX-1 to this day. They were great paddles, at a nice price aimed at beginners looking for an Aussie paddle that was super affordable.

Jumping into the newer, more premium ZX-9, the first thing you will notice is the design. It is super sleek. The paddle design has a minimalist feel with small logo and contrasting colours that outline the paddle. And the texture of the paddle surface is more pronounced, and ideal for more spin.

The shape of the paddle is great too. The paddle is less of a “big table tennis paddle” with a short grip and round face. The ZX-9 grip is longer, and the paddle face is slightly thinner and longer than other Spinergy paddles. It has more of a “small tennis raquet” feel. Which the Bros prefer, and it feels nice when playing.

The Spinergy ZX-9 feels great to hold, with a nice solid grip. The detail on the grip is great with subtle blue stitch lines that are another nice touch. And the grip definitely feels softer and is very nice to hold. It felt more like a tennis grip, with a plumper, more cushioned feel.

And of course, the Bros love cool paddles. And the ZX-9 definitely looks really cool. The minimalist design and paddle shape are subtle but look striking. And the small details like the grip stitching and matte paddle face all come together into one slick paddle.


First Impressions: On the Court

The ZX-9 feels great when playing. It has a natural flow to it when playing from all angles on the court. From the baseline, big hits feel satisfying and pop. The carbon paddle felt good, and the longer paddle shape felt very natural, and not as boxy as a standard paddle.

The Bros are no spin-masters on the court, but it was fun to pull off more spin shots. Those shots always get a “paddle-clap” from opponents, and it could be a new focus for the Bros as they continue to use the paddle.

And with sweaty hands after long pickleball sessions, the grip continued to feel great. And like any new paddle, it can take a few games to get in tune with how the paddle plays. After a few games, the Bros were off to the races and we continue to perfect our technique using the ZX-9.

The Bros shared the ZX-9 with friends and opponents, and the feedback was great. Overall, we received feedback about the longer, softer grip and the feel of the paddle. Pulling off two-handed backhand shots was pretty cool, said a fellow Pickleball Bros with a tennis background. And the paddle “just felt good”. The Pickleball tribe has spoken.

Spinergy ZX-9: Detailed Impressions

After extended use, the Bros really enjoyed the Spinergy ZX-9. We still cycle through other paddles, and go back to the ZX-9. It continues to be a great paddle after multiple pickleball sessions, learning the subtleties of the paddle. And we can say that the Zx-9 is the best Spinergy paddle we have played with.

The ZX-9 has a slick look, premium feel, and the shape is a killer. It suits our playing style and it remains a favourite for the Bros. It is super sweet to play with.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Bros had a great time playing with the ZX-9. Carbon paddles are IT at the moment, and the Bros can see why. With more power, more spin and control, the ZX-9 delivered the goods. And the slightly longer paddle was a winner.

The ZX-9 is the best Spinergy paddle available. It’s recommended for any players looking to go next-level with an Aussie made carbon paddle. If you want to level up your game, the Spinergy paddles could be perfect for your game.

Give it a Spin.

Pickle on.

The Aussie Pickleball Bros.

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