Pacific Pro Melbourne 23 | Impressions

pacific Pro Melbourne 23-Aussie Pickleball Bros

Welcome to the Aussie Pickleball Bros Excellent Adventure to the Pacific Pro Melbourne 23 on November 3-5. The Bros had never been to a Pickleball Tournament and had no idea what to expect. Well we have some first impressions and thoughts on the Tournament. Let’s kick it in.

Pickleball vs Tennis: Which is Better and Why?

Pickleball vs tennis main image

Pickleball vs tennis? There is no competition.  Tennis is still one of the biggest sports in the world boasting over 1 billion fans worldwide. But little old pickleball is catching on across the globe. Learn about the differences between the two sports and why pickleball is only going to get bigger and bigger.  Read on or jump ahead about the …

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Top 3 Reasons Why Pickleball is Easier Than Tennis

pickleball easier than tennis main image

Since man evolved from a monkey and picked up a pickleball paddle, he has asked the question…is Pickleball easier than tennis?  The answer is Yes.  Pickleball is a fun, social sport where any player of any skill set can play and enjoy the game.   if you are a beginner and think the game looks difficult, let me explain why pickleball …

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Simple Singles Pickleball Rules – How to Play Singles Pickleball

singles pickleball rules

Singles pickleball rules are simple to learn. Playing pickleball is always fun no matter which way you play. Singles or doubles both scratch a different pickleball itch. Singles pickleball is similar to doubles pickleball with the main difference being only one player to a side.  This changes the strategy and increases the intensity of playing pickleball.  Read on to understand …

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