Best Pickleball Shoes for Beginners Under $100

How do you select the best pickleball shoes for a beginner on a budget? The Aussie Pickleball Bros have got you covered. This list will feature the best inexpensive pickleball shoes for under $100. All designed to get you further into your pickleball journey.

As a pickleball beginner, you can play with any shoe and any paddle. That is what makes pickleball so appealing and fun. It’s a pick up and play sport. As you play more and your game improves, you need the right shoes to help prevent any injuries.

After you have bought a new paddle, the next logical step is to buy some new pickleball shoes. And luckily, the Aussie Pickleball Bros are here to help.

Take a look and see if these pickleball shoes sets are right for you.

Criteria for the Best Pickleball Shoes for Beginners

The key criteria to select the best pickleball shoes for any beginner is:

  • The shoes must be inexpensive
  • They need to be supportive and comfortable
  • And ideally, they need to look cool.

And I’m assuming that you have already bought a new paddle? If you haven’t, you might want to check out this guide for the Top 3 Beginners Pickleball Paddles. They will look great with your new shoes. Guaranteed!

How to Choose the Best Pickleball Shoes for a Beginner

The best way to choose a pickleball shoe as a beginner is to look at budget, brand and design.

  • Price: The easiest way to select a shoe is to have a budget. Buying a pair of new pickleball shoes under $100 is a perfect starting point. You can get some fantastic shoes for around $100 or less, and if you get them on sale, that’s even better.
  • Brand: From that point, the price will escalate depending on what brand you choose. Some brands have special cushioning systems, or unique tech to help various conditions. But they usually cost a little more.
  • Design: It’s not unusual to fall in love with a shoe because they look so cool. Or a specific color looks amazing and you must have it. And sometimes, design is the biggest consideration, above price and brand. If you have money to burn because you love the shoes, that is fine too.

Now let’s take a look at why pickleball shoes are important.

Why You Need Pickleball Shoes

Many new pickleball players come from other sports, and strap on whatever shoes they have. This is perfectly fine to begin with. But eventually you will need to get pickleball shoes or at least shoes for indoor court sports. Specialised shoes for playing pickleball are recommended for the following reason.

1. Pickleball Shoes Give You Stability and Support.

Shoes designed for Pickleball will provide support and stability for your feet. They keep your feet safe and can prevent any potential injuries to your joint, knees, back and your ankles.

Basic running shoes are designed for forward, heel to toe movement. And casual shoes don’t have the support required for side-to-side motion. Pickleball shoes tick all the boxes. They have heel-counter support that allow for twisting, jumping and turning. And they remove the stress from playing on hard surfaces.

2. Pickleball Shoes Can Improve Your Game

Wearing pickleball shoes can only improve your performance while out on the court. Playing such a fast paced game you need to stabilize your ankles and provide cushioning. And the rubber sole will allow for non-slip, multi-directional movement.

Pickleball shoes keep your your joints, ankle and knees supported. Then you are free to perform and play without fear of slipping or rolling your ankle.

Condromly – Mens & Womens Pickleball Shoes Under $100

best pickleball shoes - Condromly mens womens lightweight pickleball shoes
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These high quality Condromly Pickleball shoes are made for comfort. They can be used for any other indoor court sports such as badminton, table tennis and volleyball. The shoe design is appealing and comes in various colors to suit most player’s styles. Making them a top pick for comfort and versatility.

Made with a breathable mesh material, this pickleball shoe is lightweight and breathable. The sole has a unique pattern design that prevents skidding. But it retains elasticity and softness while playing.

The inside of the shoe is filled with rich sponge which wraps the feet and provides ultimate comfort. It’s lightweight and feels great at all times. The Condromly shoes are perfect for any pickleball beginner looking to step up their game with some new shoes for under $100.

Eadenly – Amazing Mens shoes Under $100

best pickleball shoes - EADNLY mens pickleball shoes
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These Eadnly Mens pickleball shoes will hit the spot for any player looking to spend around $100. These shoes can be used for any indoor court sports (such as badminton, squash and pickleball). And there are various colors available, which all look great and offer some style on the court.

The shoes have a breathable mesh and soft microfiber upper for a great fit. They also feature anti-odor technology and material to keep your feet clean and cool at all times. The rubber outer sole is made of non-marking, ultra light natural rubber. This is perfect for non-slip grip and it is highly durable. And the insole uses elastic memory foam insoles for enhanced comfort and rear foot support.

These Eadenly pickleball shoes are comfortable, flexible and fantastic value. These are recommended for any pickleball player making their move to the big leagues.

Condromly – Mens & Womens shoes Under $100

best pickleball shoes - Condromly mens womens pickleball shoes
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Get comfort right our of the box with these Condromly pickleball shoes. Perfect for men or women that play various indoor raquet sports. Available in great colours that will pop while playing and the design is superb. Play an excellent game in these excellent shoes.

The upper of the shoe has breathable mesh material with some faux-leather. This provides lightweight comfort and breath ability. And the sole is reliable, with a unique anti-skid pattern. It’s designed to maintain elasticity and softness while playing those big points.

The inside of the shoe is filled with rich sponge, wrapping and protecting the foot. And the lightweight sponge padding reduces the weight of the shoe. This Provides an enhanced feel and performance for any indoor court game.

The Condromly Lightweight Indoor Court Shoes are perfect for Pickleball. They are super comfortable, have amazing arch support and come in fantastic colors. Along with a great price, they can’t be beat.

Sketchers Mens Viper Court – for a Cash Splash just over $100.

best pickleball shoes - Skechers mens womens viper court pickleball shoes
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Sketchers are known for their comfort technology. So you better believe they go big on the Viper Court Pickleball shoes. These multi-purpose indoor/outdoor court sport shoes cost more than $100. But the features listed below are amazing and worth considering.

The Sketchers are podiatrist-certified shoes. They were designed and shaped with 20 years of data and 120,000 foot scans. They also come with a patented Sketchers Arch Fit insole. A lot of research and tech went into the creation of these shoes. And they will feel fantastic on the feet of any pickleball player.

Goodyear provide the rubber out soles. Designed for enhanced traction, stability and durability for indoor and outdoor play. The Vipers also come in a Medium and Extra-Wide fit, for those players that may need a wider shoe. And it all comes together in an ultra-lightweight, responsive Ultra flight cushioning.

The Sketchers Mens Viper Court provide a relaxed fit, lace-up shoe designed for pickleball. With supreme comfort at a higher price, these shoes are fantastic. Perfect for any pickleball player that wants to spend big for the best.

Final Thoughts

The Pickleball shoes in this list are perfect for pickleball beginners at all levels. The shoes are inexpensive, great value and are fantastic for the price. Take your Pickleball game to the next level and look stylish while doing it. These shoes will enhance your game and are all highly recommended.

Pickle On!

The Aussie Pickleball Bros.


Do I need special pickleball shoes as a beginner?

No, when you start playing pickleball you can play using any type of sports shoe. But it’s recommended to wear a pickleball shoe if you play more often. A pickleball shoe or a shoe designed for indoor court sports will reduce the chance of injury.

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