Acacia Pickleball Shoes: The Perfect Blend of Style and Performance [2023]

If you are getting serious about Pickleball it might be time for a serious pickleball shoe. This is where Acacia pickleball shoes come into the picture. Acacia pickleball shoes are the official USA pickleball shoe. They are designed specifically for pickleball and they could be what you need to improve your game.

Learn why these shoes are fantastic and worthy of joining you on your pickleball adventure.

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What Shoes Are Good for Pickleball?

When a beginner starts to play pickleball, any shoes and paddles are fine. Slowly, as expertise grows there is a greater demand on player equipment. And that includes the importance of a good pair of pickleball shoes.

Any basic shoes are fine when starting out. But pickleball is a unique game with rapid lateral movements. And not all shoes can withstand the demand of an intense pickleball battle.

The first sign of needing better pickleball shoes is sore feet after playing. It could mean you had a tough match, but consistently sore feet can become a real problem. This could lead to a serious injury which is preventable with the right shoes. Sore feet are the first sign of considering better shoes.

For this reason, shoes designed specifically for pickleball are the ideal solution. Pickleball shoes with high levels of cushioning inside to reduce he impact on your feet. Wide fit to allow room for feet to breathe and maneuver. And the latest outsole technology to ensure stability and control.

If you are looking for what shoes are good for pickleball, this is where Acacia pickleball shoes come into the picture.

Why Choose Acacia Pickleball Shoes?

Acacia is a major supplier and sports equipment manufacturer with a 25-year history. They specialize in pickleball, broomball, curling and soccer. Acacia is the official footwear of USA pickleball. And it is the first brand to launch a signature shoe line designed by pro pickleball players, Tyler Loong and Corrine Carr.

Acacia can be seen as a niche brand, serving niche sports but it delivers superior products in these specialist sports. Acacia has a strong worldwide demand for its sporting products and has positioned itself as a leader in quality and innovation. Serious pickle ballers will appreciate their unique designs, using advanced materials and technologies. The end result is comfortable shoes, that are bold and innovative, designed by players for players of pickleball.

Best Features of Acacia Pickleball Shoes

Acacia pickleball shoes use technology and design with pickleball in mind. Technology is used to improve all aspects of life, and pickleball shoes are no exception. Here are the best features of Acacia’s Pickleball shoes.

  • Comfortable Insole: Acacia pickleball shoes feature honeycomb-memory foam or silica gel anti-microbial insoles for shock absorption and airflow. Ensuring your feet are cushioned and protected.
  • Midsole Tech: Water-resistant ARK-technology EVA foam provides elevation and structure for improved performance and increased stability.
  • Outsole Enhancements: Non-marking anti-wear gum rubber with elevated heels are utilized to increase leverage, balance, and control while on the court.
  • Wider Fit: Give your toes room to breathe and ample space within your shoes. Acacia pickleball shoes give all feet that extra space to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Unisex Sizing: There is no his or hers with Acacia pickleball shoes, the designs appeal to all players and are available for all. Just be sure to subtract 1.5 in size to convert the size to women’s sizing.
  • Fantastic Designs: These shoes have dynamic designs and colors, that look great on and off the court. These “Pickleball” branded shoes really pop and come together into a stylistic, top-level shoe.
  • Affordable Price: And of course, Acacis Pickleball shoes are affordable, great value, and destined to take your game to the next level.

Please note, some shoes have some different tech and features, which will be highlighted below. Let’s take a look at what Acacia Pickleball Shoes have to offer.

Best Acacia Pickleball Shoes

Acacia Pickleball shoes are serious contenders. Designed for any Pickleball player looking to improve their game. The Aussie Pickleball Bros. believes the following shoes could be a great buy for any player looking to upgrade.

1. Acacia Dinkshot II Pickleball Shoes

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The Acacia Dinkshot II has a fantastic, updated design in lime. These signature lightweight shoes provide the ultimate comfort and support designed for playing pickleball. The Dinkshot II is durable, and features high-abrasion contoured outsoles with Kevlar drag guards. These shoes will grip but allow agile movement in any direction on the court. The wider fit will ensure comfort and the design is supreme. A fantastic shoe for an affordable price.

2. Acacia Proshot

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The Acacia Proshot pickleball shoes are super-sleek in royal blue. Designed with a honeycomb ballistic nylon upper and arch support to protect feet from rolling. These shoes provide the ultimate support and traction while playing. The SK-Vent design allows for air circulation and keeps your feet ventilated for those long hours spent on the court. The ultimate choice for any pickleball player.

3. The “Corrine” Signature Edition Pro Shoes

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The “Corrine” signature shoes were designed by Pro-player Corrine Carr. Featuring durable ballistic nylon inner lining and textured Acacia emblem and loops on the tongue and heel for easy adjusting and fitting. These shoes also feature “PlusLace” technology, which allows a tighter connection at the top of the foot. This reinforces the heel and provides greater support.

These Signature shoes also look great, with the hallmarks of an Acacia pickleball shoe. Recommended for any female player specifically, the Corrine signature shoes will give you that pickleball edge while looking good on the court.

4. Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes – Tyler Loong Signature Edition

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The Acacia Ultrashot Pickleball Shoes are the first ever signature shoe created for the sport of pickleball. Designed by pro pickleball player Tyler Loong, these Limited Signature Edition shoes are Acacia’s lightest and most agile shoe to date.

With features like thermally-bonded and stitched wrap-around drag guards made from high-grade leather. And the Heel Control Stability (HCS) provides a strong heel counter to support ankles and heels during rapid lateral movements. This shoe was designed by a champion for champions, you can’t get much better than this for any aspiring Pro.

If you aren’t sure about these Acacia Pickleball shoes, why not take a look at the Best New Balance Pickleball Shoes, as selected by the Aussie Pickleball Bros.

Final Thoughts

Acacia Pickleball shoes are made with the latest tech and have a visual appeal with the latest styles. Pickleball-branded and approved, these shoes could be the missing piece in your pickleball puzzle.

The Aussie Pickleball Bros believe these Acacia pickleball shoes are a great choice. All are worthy of consideration when purchasing your next game shoe.

Pickle On!

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