Weekly Pickleball News | Pickleball a Blimpworthy Sport

pickleball blimpworthy aussie pickleball news

Christmas is rapidly approaching! Luckily the Bros have found time to escape their Christmas shopping duties to bring you the latest News.  This week we take a look at how Pickleball is officially a Blimpworthy sport and Why Badminton set to be the hottest sport in 2024.  And has the Office Christmas Party being replaced with Pickleball and Guac. That’s right, …

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7 Super Cheap Pickleball Sets in Australia Under $50

super cheap pickleball paddle sets under 50 dollars in australia

Super Cheap and Super Sweet! We have compiled an Australian list of 7 Pickleball Sets in Australia for Under $50. These entry level paddle sets which are perfect for a family or kids eager to get started playing pickleball.  Join the growing ranks of pickleballers… on the cheap. Let’s take a look.     Cheap Pickleball Sets in Australia Pickleball is …

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Weekly Pickleball News | Andre Agassi Pickleball Borderline Obsession

Andre agassi pickleball obsesssion - komodo pickleball ownership

Whassssup????  The Bros are back with a HUGE week of Pickleball News.  This week we take a look at the latest NPL Announcement to help make Pickleball a Mainstream sport in Australia. And we have Andre Agassi’s Pickleball “Borderline Obsession” , McEnroe’s Quiet Paddle Promotion and some news about the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy’s first pickleball court in Spain. It’s all …

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Weekly Pickleball News | USA Pickleball National Championships 2023

usa pickleball national championships 2023-aussie pickleball bros

Hello Friends,  The Bros are back with another BIG week of Global Pickleball News. This week we take a look at the USA Pickleball National Championships 2023 and the NPL Championships taking place in the Pickle(ball) Jar in Melbourne. And we take a little look at the upcoming Invictus Australia Pickleball Event on November 21.  It’s all here so let’s kick it in …

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Pacific Pro Melbourne 23 | Impressions

pacific Pro Melbourne 23-Aussie Pickleball Bros

Welcome to the Aussie Pickleball Bros Excellent Adventure to the Pacific Pro Melbourne 23 on November 3-5. The Bros had never been to a Pickleball Tournament and had no idea what to expect. Well we have some first impressions and thoughts on the Tournament. Let’s kick it in.

Spinergy ZX-1 and ZX-3 | Paddle Review

spinergy zx-1 and zx-3 paddle review

Welcome to the Spinergy ZX-1 and ZX-3 Paddle Review. These Australian-made paddles are ready to take the Pickleball world by storm. And the Bros were lucky enough to test and review these two special paddles. Let’s take a look. Here is a quick overview, feel free to read through or jump ahead. Spinergy ZX-1 and ZX-3: The Verdict The Spinergy …

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Weekly Pickleball News | Pickleball Bowling Green Conversion

pickleball bowling green conversions

Hello, my Friends. The Bros have returned for another shake at the week of Global Pickleball News. This week, we take a Bowling Greens Converted to Pickleball Courts in NSW, Pickleball Courts being reverted to Tennis Courts in Denver. And we look at an amazing story about Pickleball Benefits for Battling Parkinsons in NSW. It’s all here so let’s kick …

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Weekly Pickleball News | Pickleball Health Benefits Revealed

Pickleball Health Benefits revealed in Apple Heart and Movement Studyx

Welcome Back! The Bros are ready to cover another week of Global Pickleball News with an Australian flavor. This week, we take a look at some fascinating research on Pickleball Health Benefits. We also look at some Regional Pickleball players in Batemans Bay. And we bring you a Pickleball “National Issue” playing out in Martha’s Vineyard USA. It’s all happening, …

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