Picklesox Review: Pickleball Socks that Rock


Hello friend, Welcome to the Picklesox Review. These Pickleball socks are Australian owned and operated, made by players for players. The Bros recently splashed some cash and bought a bunch of pairs to try them out. And spoiler Alert, these socks are Awesome!

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Picklesox: The Verdict

Picklesox are a high quality sock for pickleball players who want to wear their Pickleball love on their feet. The designs are bright, the socks are super comfortable and they are worthy of adding to your Pickleball uniform. And they are also great socks for everyday life.


  • Super Comfortable
  • Vibrant Designs
  • Perfect for Pickleball and Everyday Wear


  • None at this point

The Verdict is in, Picklesox Rock. But let the Bros tell you all about them.


Picklesox Review

Way back in September 2023, The Bros wrote about a new Australian Pickleball Sock in a Pickleball news post. The socks looked pretty cool, but the Bros were never flashy sock guys. It was always black socks for all occasions for the Bros. This included their pickleball socks.

On a whim, The Bros bought a whole selection of Picklesox to try them out for their Excellent Pickleball Adventure, in an attempt to level up their pickleball game. And levelling up includes socks. The Bros wanted to see why so many pickleball players love these socks. And now we know why… Let’s take a look.

Picklesox: First Impressions

The Bros never ordered socks in the mail before. So we were unsure of what to expect. Our expectations were surpassed by a country mile. We didn’t receive a postal bag with a bunch of socks thrown into it.

No way Hombre. Picklesox are all individually sealed and packaged. They look super slick and the Bros were officially impressed. but it gets better….

After we started to unwrap those Pickle sockies, one thing became very obvious. The designs really popped. They looked better than the images online. An image on a screen or on your phone can look good, but these babies are really are vibrant and well designed.

The Bros love the small details. Like the spray paint Smear on the “Part of the Crew – GAME ON” sock. And we loved the thicker texture of the low cut ankle biters sock. Every pair are SWEET and even the plain black pair, looks great with the Picklesox logo.

Picklesox Side Note:

The Bros bought a pair of the skull themed, “Bones Brigade” Picklesox to test on the younger generation of Pickleball players (13 year old son). The young lad put those socks on, and didn’t take them off for a looooong time. He thought they were “really cool”.

It’s also worth noting, he didn’t just wear them playing pickleball, he wore them to the skate park. And they are also his preferred sock while playing fortnight on the Xbox. Can Picklesox also help the Youth achieve greatness while playing videogames? The Bros are waiting for the results on that one.

Picklesox: Comfort and Performance

In an effort to level up, the Bros decided to focus on foot comfort after a few minor foot issues. So why not start with some Picklesox? Let’s take a look at some thoughts on wearing Picklesox on and off the Pickleball court.

Picklesox Comfort

Picklesox are really comfortable. If you are like the Bros and you wear any sock, you don’t really think about how a sock feels on your foot. But let me tell you, Picklesox are super soft and feel great when you put them on. We tried all the variations and they all have a nice texture to them and they just feel great when cruising around the home. But how do they feel while playing pickleball?

Playing Pickleball in Picklesox

The Bros are known to wear out their socks pretty quickly. So we made sure to give our Picklesox a good workout on and off the pickleball court. We tested out the three types of Picklesox available.

  • CREW Sox: These socks are a thin fit, standard sock and are great for playing pickleball. They feel comfortable with shoes on and while playing pickleball. They feel light on your feet, they are well made and continue to feel great game after game.
  • Compression Sox: The Bros don’t need compression socks, but decided to try these also. Compression socks are for players that want to improve blood flow to their leg, or to decrease swelling. They fit well, and they did apply compression from the ankle up. The Compression socks felt breathable and comfortable.
  • ANKLE Sox: The low socks are thicker, and the low design is worn by many players these days. The texture feels great and really comfortable. The Bros really enjoyed wearing these on the court, and the Fluro design is super-cool.
The Bros are also available for leg modelling, and new shoes for Pickleball are incoming…

Overall, the different types of socks were all really comfortable. It’s just a matter of preference for pickleball players to find what works best for them. The Bros preferred the CREW Sox for everyday use, and enjoyed the ANKLE Sox for playing pickleball.

Picklesox – All Day, Every Day

When the Bros bought a bunch of Picklesox, the assumption was that the Picklesox were for Pickleball ONLY. That was it. Funnily enough, It didn’t work out that way. The Picklesox were so comfortable, the Bros would wear them all day, every day, for all occasions.

The Bros enjoyed wearing Picklesox on the pickleball court because they looked cool and felt great. They are more visually exciting then a standard sport sock. And more interesting then a boring business sock for your 9-5 life.

And That’s why the Bros Say Picklesox – All Day, Every Day.

Final Thoughts

Picklesox are the superior sock for any Pickleball player. They are super comfortable, the designs range from subtle to attention grabbing and they have all your bases covered. Picklesox are great for any occasion, and like the Bros, you may just gravitate towards them as your sock of choice every morning.

Make a statement on and of the Pickleball Court, buy some Picklesox and tell the World Famous Sockman, that the Bros Say “Hi”.

Pickle On!

The Aussie Pickleball Bros.

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