About the Aussie Pickleball Bros.

Hello, welcome to the Aussie Pickleball Bros blog.  Pickleball is a new sport in Australia.  The Aussie Pickleball Bros created this website when they found no real local content for fellow Australian pickleball enthusiasts.  That’s why AussiePickleballBros.com was built – to be the Ultimate Australian Pickleball site for all players at all skill levels.

Meet the Aussie Pickleball Bros.

The Aussie Pickleball bros have been friends for almost 25 years.  They live in Melbourne with their wives and their children who are all friends and enjoy spending time together. The Aussie Pickleball Bros all started Pickleball at various skill levels:

  • John has played racquet sports his entire life.  He’s a tennis expert and he has played competition-level tennis for over 30 years.  And he’s also pretty competitive on a table tennis table too. Overall, John started as an advanced player and enjoys bringing his tennis experience to dominate every pickleball match. 
  • Gonz has played various racquet sports on and off over the years, mostly badminton and squash.  Gonz is a little rusty, but he has managed to transfer some of his limited skills to the game of pickleball.  He considers himself an intermediate player.
  • Mark has never played racquet sports and is an absolute beginner.  He played Super Tennis on the Nintendo years ago, and he is starting from scratch with his real-life paddle and ball skills.  Although he is a ground-zero beginner, he can still take part in some epic pickleball rallies around Melbourne.

Aussie Pickleball Bros – Origin Story

The Aussie Pickleball Bros started in 2022 when three best friends decided to give Pickleball a try at a local community centre.  One of the friends (John) had played tennis his entire life.  He played Pickleball at the Australian Open in 2021 and enjoyed it.  He suggested the three friends give it a try for some fun.

The other two friends, Mark & Gonz, had no idea what Pickleball was but were happy to give it a try.  It was sold to them as “miniaturised tennis” and sounded fun. And from the first night they played, they really enjoyed the game. They found that Pickleball was easy to pick up and difficult to put down. It was a lot of fun and they haven’t stopped playing ever since.

Why Start the Aussie Pickleball Bros. Website?

The Aussie Pickleball Bros started as a joke, and evolved from there.  They Bros. Have been best friends for over 20 years.  And as they slowly get older, health and wellbeing is more important.  Starting a new sport such as golf or tennis can be daunting.  Pickleball is one of those sports which is fun, low impact and it has many layers to discover and various techniques to perfect. 

As we keep playing, we want to play more, get better, and maybe even play competitions and document that Pickleball adventure here. Along with the evolution of the sport and its increased popularity, which is being documented also. The website is supposed to be a fun outlet while we are not playing pickleball or spending time with our families.

The Aussie Pickleball Bros Goal

The overall goal of the Aussie pickleball bros is to help others learn to play and love pickleball.  As the Bros. improve their game together, their aspirations are:

  • To keep playing and learning about the game of pickleball
  • To provide an Australian view on pickleball for like-minded players
  • To educate and entertain our pickleball-loving audience

And ultimately…

The Dream is for the Aussie Pickleball Bros. to become Pickleball Pros…

The Final Word

Contact the Aussie Pickleball bros and say hi.  Or let us know if you like our content via the contact page and we hope to see you on the Pickleball courts around Australia. 

Pickle On!

The Aussie Pickleball Bros.